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The Brands Tackling Climate Change

By Joanna Fragopoulos

Advertising and media can help us create a better world through exceptional content that sheds light on various subject matters and issues. When it comes to climate change, brands and corporations have a responsibility to change their practices and decrease harmful emissions and other production methods that are outdated and unsustainable. While ads can't save the world, they can help raise awareness and be the catalyst for change.

The 2023 REGGIE Awards showcase and highlight campaigns that are bringing knowledge and change to sustainability practices. Below are two award-winning campaigns that do just that.


Unilever created its campaign, "Hellmann's Mayo Tackles Food Waste to Make Taste, Not Waste" to shed light on food waste. The brand partnered with linebacker Jerod Mayo who stopped (that is, tackled) people in food-wasting moments to show them exactly how to transform the food they were about to throw out into a delicious dish with Hellmann's ("save that spinach, make a frittata")," as described in the ANA case study.

Liquid Death and Live Nation

Liquid Death's "The Country Club" campaign used dark humor to illustrate the need to reduce plastic usage. Instead of using plastic, the water brand uses recyclable aluminum cans. To raise awareness, Liquid Death partnered with Live Nation to create an experiential event that promoted hydration and sustainability. The tagline became "Don't be scared. It's just water."

As described in the case study, fans received a gold card to enter the event. The brand "turned a casket into a cooler stocked with Liquid Death on ice. Water gurgled peacefully over a custom-made skull-shaped fountain under a skylight projection of souls being sucked into a portal, as a five-piece string quartet performed live covers of metal bangers, and parents could watch in horror as their children took turns in tattoo chairs getting the Liquid Death skull (temporarily) inked onto their chests. The brand brought the Country Club in all its thirst-murderous glory to seven festivals, where 29,000 visitors 'sold their souls' and sampled product, and 1,800 new die-hard Liquid Death loyalists got temporary tattoos. To help amplify the partnership, innovative designs and promotions were brought to in-store points-of-sale and integrated into Live Nation's own influencer house, Last2Leave, bringing the brand deeper into culture and spawning a new generation of loyalists."

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Joanna Fragopoulos is a director of editorial and content development at ANA.