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Digital Demands on CMOs: Out-takes from R3’s ADTECH 40

The term "Ad Tech" was originally coined to describe the technology used in the purchase and delivery of digital media. This could mean anything from audience targeting to purchasing media programmatically, via real-time bidding (RTB) or other methods. However, in recent years, the ad tech landscape has expanded at breakneck speed. For every one company that is consolidated or leaves the market, another 1.5 enters. This has led to an incredibly fragmented ecosystem of vendors and technologies, as well as very convoluted idea of exactly what ad tech is and what role it plays in today's marketing industry.
The Span of AdTech
The rise of Ad Tech and marketing tech has by and large changed the entire marketing process. It's not enough to buy a TV spot and hope that a potential customer sees it, or put a banner on a website that you think a consumer might be looking at. With all the data that exists in today's digital landscape, there are several ways that marketers can leverage it to reach the right people, and even more reasons why they should.

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"Digital Demands on CMOs: Out-takes from R3's ADTECH 40." The Internationalist. Number 77, 2016.