Addressing Biases in Multicultural and Inclusive Identity Data

April 3, 2021

Buyers of multicultural data generally have little insight into the quality of the data they are acquiring. When data quality is poor, the entire media-targeting enterprise is undermined. There is no standard measure of the relative data quality and no industry guidelines or best practices to improve it.

Because identity assignment is so important, and so critical to accurate ROI measurement for multicultural marketers, AIMM secured the assistance of the Media Rating Council (MRC) to review current practices and help generate new best practices. MRC was selected because it operates as the industry's independent standards and auditing body. MRC has designed a confidential review and certification of multicultural data providers. It has also created a confidential benchmarking process to help the industry demonstrate improvements in data quality. More details about how to participate in the MRC review and benchmarking efforts are included at the end of this document.

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"Addressing Biases in Multicultural and Inclusive Identity Data," AIMM, 2021.

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