Neutronian Quality Index

With increasing regulation, heightened consumer sensitivity around data collection, and overall industry shifts such as the elimination of traditional cookie-based advertising identifiers, marketers are faced with more challenges than ever. In addition, poor data quality within the ecosystem is causing wasted advertising spend and higher compliance costs.

These challenges have led to increased scrutiny on the datasets leveraged for marketing efforts as marketers look to understand which options are the highest quality and lowest risk. Getting to the necessary level of trust and transparency to make these decisions is near impossible, however, without a standard approach to data quality evaluations.

The Neutronian Quality Index addresses these challenges by providing a standardized framework for evaluating data quality and compliance. This framework helps marketers mitigate risk, reduce compliance costs, and improve campaign performance by enabling analytics and decisioning based on data quality. Neutronian recently published a white paper that outlines the Quality Index scoring framework and methodology.

This white paper covers:

  • A summary of the data quality and compliance issues impacting marketers today and how a data quality framework can help to address them
  • An overview and description of the components that are included in the Neutronian data quality framework
  • A description of the Neutronian scoring methodology and example use cases for the resulting scores
  • An outline of the key benefits of the Neutronian data quality framework for data buyers and sellers

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"Neutronian Quality Index." Neutronian, June 3, 2021.

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