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Winning Trust in an Age of Distrust


In an age of political polarization and disinformation, companies looking to build trust with stakeholders would be wise to consider the advice of Dr. Yoram Solomon. Not only has he been studying trust for more than a decade, he wrote The Book of Trust, considered the most comprehensive tome ever written on the topic. He is also author of the book series Can I Trust You? and hosts The Trust Show podcast.

Trust is the foundation of everything, Dr. Solomon admits. Research shows that a trustworthy salesperson can sell the same product for a 29.6 percent higher price than an untrustworthy salesperson, while a trustworthy leader can increase productivity by 64 percent. Moreover, trustworthy CEOs generate 286 percent better shareholder returns than those considered untrustworthy.

In this episode of Beyond Profit, a podcast of the ANA Center for Brand Purpose, host Ken Beaulieu catches up with Dr. Solomon to learn why trust is rapidly eroding throughout the country, the habits of the most trusted organizations, the role trust plays in driving brand purpose, and more.

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