Northwestern Mutual’s Drive for a Cultural Awakening

If there is one positive we can take from the many challenges of the past two years, including a global pandemic, it's the desire of Americans to pursue their dreams now rather than wait for some perfect moment down the road. In response to this new mindset, the financial services company Northwestern Mutual recently launched "The Great Realization," a purpose-driven advertising and brand campaign designed to help people reassess their lives and pursue what matters most.

Through proprietary research, Northwestern Mutual found that financial insecurity often prevents Americans from making their dreams a reality. The new campaign underscores the need for personalized financial planning to help people live life on their terms. Developed by the creative agency Mirimar, the campaign utilizes TV, digital, and social media platforms to bring this cultural awakening to the forefront through personal stories.

In this episode of Beyond Profit, a podcast of the ANA Center for Brand Purpose, Lynn Teo, CMO at Northwestern Mutual, joins host Ken Beaulieu to discuss key aspects of the company's innovative campaign and how she's elevating marketing throughout the organization.


"Northwestern Mutual's Drive for a Cultural Awakening." Beyond Profit Podcast, 11/21/22.

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