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CMO vs. GPT, with GfK and Huble — pt I

Is an AI system as sophisticated as ChatGPT able to run marketing for a billion-dollar brand? That's what my guests today tried to figure out. Gonzalo Garcia Villanueva, CMO of GfK, and Margaret Ady, Vice President of Strategic Marketing and CX Services at Huble, partnered to pit CMO against AI, as Gonzalo went one-on-one with "Ruby," a fully synthesized person using ChatGPT for a brain. The two debated various hot topics in the industry, and by the end, a winner was declared. Today, we're going behind the scenes of this iconic clash of titans to learn about the inspiration behind the idea, the various forms of AI that were used to make Ruby a reality, and how to get GPT thinking like a CMO.

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"CMO vs. GPT, with GfK and Huble — pt I." Marketing Futures Podcast, 6/13/23.

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