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CMO vs. GPT, with GfK and Huble — pt II

We're back with part two of our epic clash of titans, CMO vs. GPT, featuring GfK's Gonzalo Garcia Villanueva and Huble's Margaret Ady. On part one we discussed how Ruby was briefed before squaring off with Gonzalo, and learned about the various AI systems that came together to make this debate a reality. But get ready, because today we hear from Ruby herself. Gonzalo, Margaret, and I played snippets of the showdown and gave our thoughts on Ruby's ability to hang with a real, live CMO. Also, we ask the age-old question: is a pigeon smarter than artificial intelligence?

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"CMO vs. GPT, with GfK and Huble — pt II." Marketing Futures Podcast, 6/20/23.

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