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Media KPIs That Matter


The ANA Media Leadership Growth Council was recently established to be a direct counterpart to the CMO Growth Council, with an exclusive focus on media. The group is currently working to establish its growth agenda, and measurement will certainly be an important part of that.

Media KPIs have been identified by the ANA Media Leadership Growth Council as one of its areas of initial interest due to the direct connection between KPIs and business results. The group was interested in learning more about:

  • The most used KPIs for media
  • The most important KPIs for media
  • The new/emerging KPIs for media
  •  The KPIs considered to be "head fakes" — KPIs that may be endorsed by a media partner but aren't really useful and may even be potentially deceptive

Thirty-nine (39) KPIs were identified. A survey was fielded in 1st quarter 2021 which had 93 respondents. Qualitative interviews supplemented the quantitative work.

A key finding is that the most important KPIs are generally not the most used KPIs.

  • The most important KPIs for media are mostly based on outcome and measurement quality. These KPIs include ROI/ROAS, brand safety metrics, customer lifetime value, and conversion.
  • The most used KPIs for media are primarily efficiency and media exposure KPIs. These include CPM, CPC, unique reach, and viewable impressions.

There is an opportunity for the industry to increase the use of outcome and measurement quality KPIs, as media investments increasingly are being held accountable for driving results.

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"Media KPIs That Matter." ANA, May 2021.