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ANA Programmatic Media Supply Chain Transparency Study — First Look


The study focused on open web programmatic advertising, a $88 billion global market.

Twenty-one member companies participated, with the data collection period between September 2022 and January 2023. That consisted of $123 million in ad spend and 35.5 billion impressions, mostly classic banner and video ads. Qualitative work supplemented quantitative research.

Key findings:

  1. Information asymmetry is a serious issue for advertisers
  2. Data access is lacking, leading to inefficiencies and waste
  3. There are misaligned incentives as advertisers prioritize cost over value
  4. The average campaign ran on 44,000 websites, leading to more waste
  5. Made for Advertising (MFA) websites represent 21 percent of impressions
  6. Sustainability efforts can be enhanced with productive programmatic media buying
  7. The previously identified "unknown delta" can be virtually eliminated with a full path log-level data (LLD) analysis

In this "First Look" report, ANA is releasing findings on subject matter areas where the analysis has been completed and is ready for publication. Doing so will allow for public discourse to commence, laying the groundwork for a more detailed, complex, and completely integrated Phase 2 report in a few months.

The minimum efficiency gains from course correcting through recommendations laid out in this report are $13 billion. As we follow up with the complete report, we are confident there will be opportunities to drive a total of at least $20 billion in efficiency gains for open web programmatic advertising.

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"ANA Programmatic Media Supply Chain Transparency Study — First Look." ANA, June 2023.