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ANA Programmatic Media Supply Chain Transparency Study: Complete Report


This follows-up and supersedes the First Look study published in June 2023 and delves deeper into the dynamic world of open web programmatic advertising, with a keen focus on a pivotal issue: transparency.

Twenty-one marketers and twelve supply chain companies participated in the study. Total ad spend was $123 million with 35.5 billion impressions. Qualitative interviews supplemented the quantitative work.

Our research found that only 36 cents of every dollar that enters a DSP effectively reaches the consumer.

  • Transaction costs (primarily DSP and SSP fees) account for 29 percent of the ad dollar.
  • Loss of media productivity costs (non-viewable and IVT impressions as well as non-measurable for viewability and Made for Advertising ad spend) account for 35 percent of the ad dollar.

Agency fees (a transaction cost) and brand safety (a loss of media productivity cost) were both beyond the scope of this project. Depending upon those costs, less than 36 cents of every dollar would effectively reach the consumer.

The key conclusion of the study: there is some $22 billion in efficiency gains available to the client-side marketer community.

The report has twelve sections.

  1. The Average Campaign Ran on 44,000 Websites
  2. Made for Advertising Websites
  3. Focus on Inclusion Lists, Not Exclusion Lists
  4. Direct Supply Chain Contracts
  5. SSP Optimization
  6. Information Asymmetry
  7. Advertisers Prioritize Cost Over Value
  8. Optimizing OMP and PMP
  9. Price, Ad Quality, and Value
  10. Data Access and Log-Level Data
  11. Measurability, Viewability, and Invalid Traffic
  12. Sustainability

Each of the sections provides a "Recommended Playbook" for marketers. These are recommended action steps to help optimize investment in programmatic media leading to a greater percentage of every ad dollar reaching the consumer. Implementing those recommendations will lead to the $22 billion opportunity for efficiency gains.

Knowledge is power. With programmatic media, data drives knowledge and is the enabler that allows marketers to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their campaigns. Access to data, pulling insights from data, and then acting on those insights provides a pathway for marketers to optimize their programmatic media investments.

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"ANA Programmatic Media Supply Chain Transparency Study: Complete Report." ANA, 12/5/23.