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Seven Tips for Giving Agencies Feedback

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Advertising legend Jane Maas shared seven tips for providing agencies with feedback on their work, which are drawn from her ANA on-demand training course, "Inspiring Great Creative."

  1. Be transparent: Be clear from your first sentence.
  2. Be direct: If you're not happy with the product, don't try to begin on a positive note by thanking the agency personnel for their hard work. If it's going to be negative, get to the bad news quickly.
  3. Don't make it personal: Consider ways of making the advertising the villain, not the members of the agency's team, e.g., "That print ad isn't as effective as it needs to be."
  4. Supply a rationale: Try very hard to give a reason as to why you're turning down creative work — for example, "The key consumer benefit seems buried in the background; can you revise it so it's clearer?"
  5. Don't mix and match: Suppose the agency presents two approaches to a campaign. Resist the urge to ask them to combine, say, the tagline from one version with the artwork from the other. Grafting can create monsters.
  6. Don't try to do the agency's work for it: Don't write copy or direct art, tempting though it may be to do so when you are facing a deadline. Let the agency capitalize on their creativity to do the work you hired them to do. Doing it for them can create a vicious cycle that will just get worse.
  7. Ask for a next steps report: The agency should deliver a report within 24 hours of receiving creative feedback simply detailing what was agreed upon and the next steps. If you have asked for four revisions, you don't want to reconvene the following week to find that they have only done three of them.

The above represents just a morsel from the banquet of insights and best practices available in ANA's on-demand training course "Inspiring Great Creative."



"Inspiring Great Creative." Jane Maas, "one of the 100 most influential advertising women of the last 100 years," according to Advertising Age. ANA On-Demand Training Course.

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