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CMO Deep Dive: Consumer Sentiment on DEIB with AIMM

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 << NOTE: This event is private, and only open to a limited number of select CMOs. >>

As brands navigate advertising to seemingly polarized consumer groups, many have made the decision to lean away from inclusive, equitable storytelling or increasing their focus on marketing to multicultural segments. But according to new public opinion research, the majority of American consumers still support brands that take a stand on social issues. Join Lisette Arsuaga and Gilbert Davila, co-founders of AIMM, for a discussion of AIMM's latest research unpacking consumer sentiments on DEIB and Boycotting, as well as consumer response to brands that change their position on certain topics.

This is a virtual meeting. The Zoom link will be provided after you register.

Hosted by the ANA Global CMO Growth Council and AIMM