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ANA Business Marketing Members-Only Event in Atlanta

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SESSION 1 - Freightliner's Customer Experience Program Drives Dealer Results and Consumer Engagement

Freightliner Trucks is recognized as the leading manufacturer of on-highway trucks that haul goods across the continent, but few knew that Freightliner had recently become the leading selling work truck brand in North America. It was the first time that a commercial truck company had held the leadership position in both categories. Eric Mower + Associates was tasked with creating a program that would carve out a leadership position for Freightliner in the work truck segment, energize dealers and recognize vocational truck buyers in a range of segments, from concrete mixers to snow plows and pickup/delivery trucks to ambulances.

Freightliner Trucks Hardest Working Cities came to life as a fully integrated campaign: event activation, earned media, social channels, print and digital advertising, dealer outreach and trade show promotion. Freightliner Trucks Hardest Working Cities recognizes the role vocational trucks, and the men and women who operate them, play in stimulating economies across the United States and Canada. As part of the campaign, Freightliner Trucks hosted events in each honored city to salute local workers, businesses, economic development officials and government leaders. Research found a correlation between the growth in Freightliner Vocational Truck sales and the rebound taking place in the economy following the financial crisis. 

After analyzing more than 400 metropolitan census areas in the U.S. and Canada based on 11 different criteria ranging from impact on overall gross domestic product to growth in employment to the number of jobs in key industry sectors including construction, manufacturing and logistics a number of cities were identified as leading the way out of the great recession. This on-going program has brought engaging "ride'n drive" events in 10 cities across the U.S. and Canada, boosting dealer results and customer satisfaction.

Allan Haggai
Marketing Communications Manager
Freightliner Vocational Trucks

Rick Lyke
Senior Vice President, Managing Director
Eric Mower + Associates

Dania McQuay
Senior Account Supervisor
Eric Mower + Associates


SESSION 2 - How to sell the value of content marketing to Sales?

Learn 10 proven ways to gain Sales’ buy-in to content marketing. They’ll help you build a stronger working partnership between Marketing and Sales.
Sales is coin-operated. With a strategic approach to content marketing, you can help Sales become even more successful by winning more customers, booking more revenues, and earning more commissions.

  1. Reveal how buyer behaviors are changing.
  2. Enlist Sales to brainstorm customer questions.
  3. Show Sales that content is all about making buyers smarter.
  4. Involve Sales in co-creating a content marketing platform.
  5. Convert content into useful tools for Sales.
  6. Create a message that addresses customers’ unconsidered needs.
  7. Provide Sales with visibility into the buyers’ journey.
  8. ‘Choke’ the bottom of the marketing funnel.
  9. Share the risk and the credit.
  10. Choose the most promising place to begin content marketing.

George Stenitzer
Founder and Chief Content Officer
Crystal Clear Communications


SESSION 3 - Panel Discussion:  Sales and Marketing Alignment

Sales and marketing are core to any successful organization, especially so in the business-to-business sphere, yet getting these core functions to work seamlessly together can be a challenge for B2B firms large and small.  How does one build a culture of sales/marketing alignment that synchs with corporate goals?  What are the successful SMA strategies that can be applied in both the short-term and longer view?

This panel of savvy B2B marketing practitioners will address core SMA challenges, including:

  • People
  • Process
  • Technology

Key aspects of ASM include strategic planning, lead management, data analytics, and metrics.  How does one measure whether you've successfully aligned your sales and marketing teams?  What KPIs can act as benchmarks?  How involved should your senior management team be in integrating these functions?

Join the discussion on how to best align sales and marketing to drive growth in the modern B2B enterprise.

Panelists include:

Bill McGinnis
VP Sales and Marketing
Sojourn Solutions

Holly Bounds
Global eCommerce Growth Leader
GE Energy Connections

Beth Hohl
Senior Marketing Manager and Global Program Leader

Rob Coltrin
VP of Sales-Building Products & Homebuilding

Chad French
RVP Sales
Oracle Marketing Cloud