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AIMM Helps Marketers #SeeAll


Today’s modern customers are increasingly multicultural, and marketers must make sure their work resonates with all types of people. The Alliance for Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing (AIMM) recently launched its #SeeAll movement, which calls marketing leaders to take action when it comes to creating messaging that promotes inclusivity, equality, and genuine representation.

Marketers engage people every day with messaging designed to make a lasting impression. While this work is almost always with the goal of delivering brand growth, there is another goal that can be achieved in parallel. This ability to reach and connect can also be used to drive positive cultural change. The Alliance for Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing (AIMM) is an initiative that supports marketers in this effort.

To promote AIMM’s mission, the organization launched its #SeeAll movement in Times Square on September 23, 2019, and it published a manifesto in the New York Times and Adweek declaring all that the organization stands for, welcoming more brands to join the cause.

AIMM created a metric known as the Cultural Impact Insights Measure (CIIM). This tool helps marketers understand how incorporating cultural insights into marketing messaging and media programming affects sales and effectiveness. There is a panel of diverse constituents who rate content on a scale of zero to 200 on various metrics. Over time, the panel has revealed that inclusion matters across segments. Multicultural consumers want to see their values celebrated and to see good role models highlighted without the use of stereotypes. Brands that score high marks using the CIIM methodology enhance brand perception, increase ad effectiveness, and lift purchase intent.

Walmart recently ran three TV commercials that intentionally incorporated diverse points of view. “Mother’s Day” presented positive role models, especially strong moms and women from all different backgrounds. “No Sweat” showed an African-American dad preparing a meal for his family, and “Encienda la Cocina” invited viewers to experience the sights and sounds found in a Latin-American kitchen.

Four Actions to Drive Growth and Increase Inclusion

  1. Increase diversity and foster an inclusive environment. Ensure your brand’s workforce and that of your agencies reflect the communities you serve.
  2. Embed cultural considerations in all your work. Ensure your media planning maximizes reach and your creative makes strong connections with consumers.
  3. Embed cultural cues in all creative. Test your creative with CIIM when targeting multicultural and inclusive segments.
  4. Join AIMM and #SeeAll. Let your consumers know you’re ready to recognize all the ways they celebrate and fascinate. Acknowledge their preferences and concerns.

Q&A with Lisette Arsuaga, Co-President of and Chief Operating Officer at Davila Multicultural Insights

Q. Can smaller companies participate with AIMM?

A. Our membership is comprised of 92 entities. Some are large and some are small. We welcome entities no matter their size. We’re happy to talk to anybody who is interested in being part of the movement.


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