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How These B2B Companies Are Changing the Healthcare Landscape

By Joanna Fragopoulos

Healthcare is a universal need — and for everything to run smoothly, the behind-the-scenes activities and processes need to be constantly evolving to meet needs. For instance, how can AI be harnessed to create better data systems, which in turn ensure better care? Or how can employers promote and encourage employees to take care of their mental health?

The latest B2 Awards showcase campaigns that address these issues. Below are some award-winning campaigns that are making changes for the better.


Healthcare company Optum developed a thought leadership program that targeted the C-suite. The company conducted research and discovered that CEOs, CFOs, and CMOs can work together through their strengths to improve patient care (through understanding patterns, having a strong vision, and bridging business and care gaps).

Optum leveraged a multichannel approach and partnered with organizations such as Harvard Business Review and the New England Journal of Medicine; moreover, the company "offered both a 'C-Suite Insights' monthly opt-in subscription and an opt-in weekly news briefing. A key success factor was the fact that this program was "always on" with a consistent, reliable cadence. Optum typically had four or more assets in development at any given time along with dozens of promotion components," as described in the ANA case study.


Healthcare company Guardian created a campaign focused on employers who wanted to offer their employees "modern, proactive, and personalized mental health benefits for their employees and their families," according to the ANA case study. To do so, it created a mental wellness solution in the group benefits space.

To appeal to employers, Guardian created a "data-driven story that made the need for a workplace mental health solution undeniable" through three pillars. These pillars were "immediate access to care (versus the 45 days Americans wait now), personalized precise care (employees receive the right care for them), and real results (improved outcomes)."


ZS, a technology firm focused on global healthcare, launched a campaign to illustrate how AI can improve data in the health care sector. Its "Data Connects Us" campaign was created using AI-generated images and video for a landing page; the page contained ZS' "Future of Health" survey, which "revealed how professionals and consumers felt about the current and future states of health care. This survey, combined with AI thought leadership content like ZS' Saby Mitra's keynote on how AI can fulfill its promise in health care, added the substance to the sizzle of the advertising and video content," as stated in the ANA case study.

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Joanna Fragopoulos is a director of editorial and content development at ANA.

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