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Better Creative Briefs

A brief is a roadmap and a catalyst for creative, but clients don't always give the brief the attention it deserves. A good brief provides direction and inspiration that leads to imaginative work. A bad brief can start a time-consuming and expensive process heading off in the wrong direction, leading to many rounds of revisions, confusion, and unnecessary tension in the client/agency relationship. Furthermore, there is the opportunity cost due to subpar creative in the marketplace. Bad briefs waste money!

The ANA Briefing Task Force was established to provide guidance for developing briefs and optimizing the briefing process, and produced the white paper, "Better Creative Briefs."

The focus on better creative briefs is an outgrowth of the ANA Masters Circle, a community of chief marketing officers who have developed a 12-point action plan to galvanize the CMO community and drive growth. One of those points focuses on brand and creative excellence. As we heard from one of our members, "We need better business results, which is why we need better briefs."

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"Better Creative Briefs." ANA. November 2017.