The Scary Truth About Being a CMO

Being a CMO can be a scary gig these days. Chief marketers are often wondering if that new and costly ad campaign is going to move the needle financially or crash and burn, looking over their shoulder about the latest marketing platform lurking the shadows, and walking on eggshells as budget season approaches.

But in a post-digital age, things may be getting even spookier, as CMOs incur constant howling from the C-suite to spike returns, monetize the company's social media channels and dismantle the business silos. CMO are also freaked out by the demise of third-party cookies. Then there's the Little Shop of Horrors that defines the MarTech stack, with its growing tentacles twisting and turning, begging CMOs: Feed me! Feed me!

In the latest episode of Champions of Growth, Jonathan Copulsky, senior lecturer at The Medill School Of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications at Northwestern University, joins Matthew Schwartz to talk about why being a CMO can be so frightening and how chief marketers can ease their fears. Copulsky is coauthor of The Transformation Myth: Leading Your Organization Through Uncertain Times, which was published by MIT Press last year. From 1997 through 2017, he was principal at Deloitte, where he was Chief Digital Officer, Chief Brand Officer, and Chief Marketing Officer.


"The Scary Truth About Being a CMO." Champions of Growth Podcast, 10/26/22.

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