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Marketers Need a Sharper Antenna for Programmatic Advertising


Forty-four thousand websites. That's the number of sites media buyers use in their programmatic ad buying, according to the "ANA Programmatic Media Supply Chain Transparency Study." Talk about overkill. The report, which was released in December 2023, says that marketers should tap between 75 and 100 trusted programmatic media sellers who in turn can provide access to thousands of websites to optimize their investments. So why such a disconnect?

Bill Duggan, group EVP at the ANA

Part of the problem is that marketers have a lack of data access, data strategy, and "information symmetry," or buyers knowing the right kinds of questions to ask sellers in terms of ad targeting. Indeed, there's an awful lot of waste in programmatic ad buying, with a chance for $22 billion in efficiency gains, amounting to one in four dollars spent in the $88 billion market, the report says.

Bill Duggan, group EVP at the ANA, who helped put the study together, joins host Matthew Schwartz to discuss the most salient elements of the report, including how marketers navigate somewhat tricky Made for Advertising websites (MFAs), how to improve data access, and the programmatic cost waterfall (read: it's not pretty). The report is a follow-up to an ANA "First Look" study published in June 2023.

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