ANA Programmatic Media Supply Chain Transparency Study

In June, ANA published its Programmatic Media Supply Chain Study – First Look report, intended to accelerate the ongoing industry discussion on transparency and productivity in the programmatic media supply chain.

Kroll, a provider of services and digital products related to valuation, governance, risk, and transparency, served as the investigative/qualitative research partner for the study. Kroll conducted interviews with the goal of illuminating, clarifying, and demystifying the U.S-based programmatic supply chain. Kroll conducted 35 qualitative interviews, primarily with supply chain intermediaries. Kroll's key insights and findings were integrated into the First Look report.

This new report, ANA Programmatic Media Supply Chain Study – Qualitative Insights, provides depth to Kroll's findings and insights.

Note that this is not Phase 2 of ANA's work here. As previously announced, Phase 2 will represent the complete report that integrates "First Look" with additional findings and insights. That is expected to be released by October.

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"ANA Programmatic Media Supply Chain Transparency Study." ANA and Kroll, 8/3/2023.