2015 ANA Masters of Marketing Conference

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Wecome to the Masters of Marketing 2015, the premier conference for the marketing industry. #ANAMasters

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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Registration Opens

Central Atrium
2:00pm Pre-conference Workshops

Pre-conference workshop attendance is open to anyone registered for the Masters of Marketing. Seats are limited and on a first-come, first-served basis. There is no pre-registration for these workshops. These sessions are from 2:00 - 5:00pm.

Grand Ballroom 7A-8B

Creating a Business-Driven Content Strategy

Many brands have an interest in content marketing but flounder with successful planning and execution. In most cases it's due to a lack of strategy. Marketers struggle to create content relevant to audiences and prioritize activities in order to consistently publish, yet only 35% of marketers take the time to create a content strategy. This workshop takes attendees through the process of creating a content strategy that will be immediately actionable. By discovering what matters to your audience and how they make decisions, you'll create a content strategy that enables you to create highly relevant content that builds awareness, engagement, conversion and loyalty.

Carla Johnson
Founder and President Type A Communications
Michael Brenner
Head of Strategy NewsCred
Grand Ballroom 7A

Building Brands through Customer Experience

We are living in a new era of brand building. Every touch point that is in any way associated in customers' minds with a company contributes to the customers' experience and judgment of that brand. In the new landscape, we must embody our promise through every moment and interaction. This forces the need to shift focus and investments from simply marketing and communicating a brand to executing and delivering it. It forces us to deeply understand peoples' experience, aligning our business and brand to their patterns. In this three hour crash course in experience modeling and mapping, you'll learn a perspective for how to innovate and deliver renewed brand promise across all touch points—from traditional media and the digital space, from service to the employees who touch your customers every day.

Zachary Paradis
Director Experience Strategy SapientNitro
Greg Boullin
Strategy Director SapientNitro
Grand Ballroom 7B

Make Love, Not Ads: How New World Brand Connections are Beating Old World Advertising

Traditional advertising campaigns are not driving business today. Increasingly people choose the advertising they want to see. It must embrace them, engage them and step up to a new high ground of cultural impact. This workshop will explore the dynamics behind innovators whose brands and messaging are fast becoming integral pieces of today's cultural mosaic. We will discuss the difference between old economy companies managing risks and controlling costs vs. new economy companies rooted in rich consumer insights, technology and innovation. A panel of industry and academic leaders will provide new perspectives on how brands must connect in this new digital and social world. This promises to be a compelling and provocative session with learning you will be able to immediately apply to your businesses.

Facilitator: Paul Kurnit
Clinical Professor of Marketing; President Pace University and PS Insights
Keynote Speaker: David Jones
Founder You & Mr Jones
Panelists: Susan Credle
Incoming Global Chief Creative Officer FCB
Nick Denton
Founder Gawker
Marita Sturken
Professor of Media, Culture and Communications New York University
Grand Ballroom 8A

Mobile Accelerator Workshop: You should be investing double digits in mobile-now what?

Earlier this year the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) launched groundbreaking results from an industry wide initiative called SMoX, in partnership with some of the most iconic brands in the world, including Walmart, AT&T, MasterCard and the Coca-Cola Company. The evidence from all of them is clear and points to the same direction: Mobile is highly effective. And brands are not investing nearly enough.  Designed for the marketing executive who is interested to help their organizations take advantage of the mobile opportunity to gain a competitive advantage, this hands on workshop provides a tangible approach to jump start the process to mobile maturity.

Greg Stuart
Chief Executive Officer MMA
Sheryl Daija
Chief Strategy Officer, General Manager, Global Events MMA
Louis Jones
Former Chief Executive Officer Maxus North America
Rex Briggs
Founder and CEO Marketing Evolution
Vassilis Bakopoulos
Head of Industry Research Mobile Marketing Association
Grand Ballroom 8B
6:00pm Let’s Get Connected Welcome Reception  

Falls Pool Deck
7:30pm Opening Night Dinner  

Featuring a Special Performance by DNCE

Formed in the summer of 2015, the L.A.-based four-piece DNCE, includes band’s frontman Joe Jonas, of Jonas Brothers fame, guitarist JinJoo Lee, bassist/keyboardist Cole Whittle, and drummer Jack Lawless.

Palms Ballroom
9:45pm Post Reception  

Crystal Ballroom J
Thursday, October 15, 2015
7:00am Breakfast  

Insights into Action. Best Practices in Content Marketing.

Content marketing is a priority for brands, but the question is how to create content that is memorable, sharable, and measurable. Join Christian Kugel as he shares the culmination of three years of research at AOL into what drives successful content marketing programs. Learn techniques and tools for creating programs that emotionally resonate with audiences, understand why people use and engage with content, and uncover how content marketing can create a new depth of consumer engagement.

Christian Kugel
Vice President of Consumer Analytics AOL
Palms Ballroom
8:00am General Session

Cypress Ballroom

Opening Remarks

Bob Liodice
President and Chief Executive Officer ANA
Cypress Ballroom

A Rebellion in the Insurance Industry

Not a presentation for the faint of heart. Progressive Chief Marketing Officer Jeff Charney engages his audience and tests their ability to stay ahead of the times. Sure, he’ll talk about how he’s transformed Progressive’s brand icon, Flo, but he’ll also catapult outside of Progressive’s walls and transform how marketers think about marketing. Mr. Charney will explore today’s “new marketer” and what it takes to succeed in the lightning-fast marketing world — whether the budget is $500 or $5 million. Find out how to evolve as a “programmer” or get left behind.

Jeff Charney^
Chief Marketing Officer Progressive Casualty Insurance Co.
Cypress Ballroom

Organizing for Growth

“Moai” is an Okinawan term for a circle of people who purposely meet up and look out for one another. So what does Moai have to do with reorganizing for growth in this highly challenging environment? How can it possibly help when you’re an 800-pound gorilla living in a unicorn world? Find out when Dana Anderson recounts the lessons learned by the Growth Team at Mondelez.

Dana Anderson^
Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Mondelēz International
9:45am Networking Coffee Break  

Cypress Ballroom Foyer
10:15am General Session Resumes

Cypress Ballroom

Designing for Disruption

Darwin said it’s not the fittest, but most adaptable to change that survives. So how adaptable to change is your organization? At a time when it’s never been easier to reach consumers but harder than ever to connect with them, Brad Jakeman answers fundamental questions on the role of marketing in an age of disruption, and shares insights from his experiences as leader of eight of PepsiCo’s 22 billion-dollar brands and from working at some of the world’s most renowned companies.

Bradley Jakeman*^
President, Global Beverage Group PepsiCo, Inc.
Cypress Ballroom

On Being Disruptive

The most successful marketers don’t wait for disruption to happen to them — they disrupt their companies, their organizations, and their approaches, intelligently and effectively. Learn from Kira Wampler, who’s been accused of being disruptive more than a few times, as she shares how to successfully disrupt categories from personal finance to photography and real estate to transportation.

Kira Wampler*^
Chief Marketing Officer Lyft
Cypress Ballroom

Fake Fight: Millennials vs. Boomers

How does marketers’ usual obsession with youth not cause them to lose sight of other generational opportunities? Is growth really owned by only one generation? And are “generations” even a meaningful concept for marketers, or just shorthand for journalists? Join Mark-Hans Richer, chief marketing officer at Harley-Davidson, as he discusses his company’s approach to these questions and answers how a legendary brand so successful with one generation of customers can become equally successful with another without losing its traditional customer foundation.

Mark-Hans Richer^
Chief Marketing Officer Harley-Davidson
Cypress Ballroom
12:15pm Luncheon presented by Google

Micro-Moments: The New Battleground for Brands

Mobile has fragmented the consumer journey into many short bursts of interaction — some transactional, some educational, and some of everything in between. The nature (and the number!) of these digital moments require marketers to fundamentally rethink how they understand, reach, and meaningfully engage people on their journeys, moment after moment. Join Matt Lawson, director of performance ads marketing at Google, as he shares consumer insights about the “micro-moments” shaping today’s consumer journey and examples of brands which have had success catering to this new behavior. 

Matt Lawson
Director of Performance Ads Marketing Google
Palms Ballroom
2:15pm Networking Coffee Break  

Cypress Ballroom Foyer
General Session Cont.

Cypress Ballroom

Maintaining a Global Leadership Position

For the past 150 years, the nonprofit Mayo Clinic has defined its health care brand through word of mouth — the experience of every patient and the stories those patients have shared with others about their Mayo experience. This is not enough, however, to maintain Mayo Clinic’s position as a leading global brand. John Weston shares how Mayo Clinic is “all in,” aggressively using digital targeted marketing, social media, earned media, and thought leadership to find compelling ways to tell the Mayo Clinic story in an increasingly undifferentiated, cluttered, and confusing health care marketplace. 

John Weston*^
Chief Marketing Officer Mayo Clinic
Cypress Ballroom

Reinvention: How A 47-Year-Old Iconic Global Brand Has Gone Back to Its Past to Grow Its Future

From stopping traffic in Times Square to generating controversy and buzz, Calvin Klein has long lived in the cultural moment. But as the brand approached middle age, it struggled to remain relevant in a world of disrupted consumer behavior and loyalty. Chief marketing officer Melisa Goldie will tell the story of the brand’s reinvention and growth in its new cultural moment, one where digital-first is the new normal. She will share insights behind the company’s latest campaign, featuring Justin Bieber, and how it’s working to create a new generation of brand evangelists.

Melisa Goldie
Chief Marketing Officer Calvin Klein, Inc.
Cypress Ballroom
4:00pm Adjournment

5:30pm ANA Members-Only Business Meeting/Reception (Open to ANA Members only)  

Grand Ballroom (4-6)
6:30pm Reception  

Falls Pool Deck
7:30pm Dinner and Entertainment  

Featuring a Special Performance by Multi-Platinum Singer-Songwriter Seal

Palms Ballroom
9:45pm Casino Night Post-Reception

Crystal Ballroom J
11:30pm After Hours Speakeasy  

Limited Capacity

Join Mashable, the leading media company for the digital generation, for late night bites, cocktails and live music at Hawk's Landing as they toast to another amazing ANA Masters of Marketing. Please note: space is limited and available on a first come first serve basis.

Hawk's Landing Steakhouse
Friday, October 16, 2015
6:00am Fitness Run/Walk

Hawk's Landing Golf Club
7:00am Breakfast  

Increasing the Potential and Impact of Direct Mail with Technology

How is the role of direct mail evolving as media consumption trends change? How does direct mail amplify your digital technology investments? Join USPS’ Jim Cochrane as he discusses what’s possible by merging mail with technology, data, and digital, and even automation, measurement, and campaign optimization. He’ll also demonstrate how USPS is pushing direct mail to be more targeted, predictable, behaviorally-based, and seamlessly integratable than ever before. 

James P. Cochrane
Acting Chief Marketing and Sales Officer and Executive Vice President United States Postal Service
Palms Ballroom
8:00am General Session

Cypress Ballroom

Opening Remarks

Bob Liodice
President and Chief Executive Officer ANA
Cypress Ballroom

From Jet Engines to GIFs: Why GE Moves First

GE prides itself on being an innovator in both business and marketing, and being first is part of the company’s core DNA. The diversified infrastructure and financial services giant is relentless in its pursuit of early adoption and deliberate experimentation with all forms of marketing — emerging platforms, technology, media, and storytelling. GE’s chief marketing officer Linda Boff shares how unapologetically being out in front has paid off for the iconic brand.

Linda Boff*^
Chief Marketing Officer GE
Cypress Ballroom

Behind the Rise of a Super Brand

In just seven years Airbnb has grown from three Airbeds in an apartment in San Francisco to one of the world’s most valuable private companies. With more than one million homes and 40 million guests in 191 countries across 32,000 cities, Airbnb is without doubt a 21st-century company. Chief marketing officer Jonathan Mildenhall will share strategic and creative insights on how Airbnb’s marketing agenda has helped propel the company to the status of the world’s first community-driven super brand.

Jonathan Mildenhall*^
Chief Marketing Officer Airbnb, Inc.
Cypress Ballroom
9:30am Networking Coffee Break  

Cypress Foyer
10:00am General Session Cont.

Cypress Ballroom

The Power of Challenging

At Audi, Loren Angelo has been responsible for transforming the brand from a niche player to a premium brand through Super Bowl ads, strategic partnerships, and dynamic publicity stunts. Join Mr. Angelo as he candidly discusses the challenger approach he has taken with Audi in building the brand in America — elevating awareness, consideration, and opinion levels to double-digit growth in the past seven years.

Loren Angelo^
Director, Marketing Audi of America
Cypress Ballroom

Moving to an Exceptionally Successful Organization

One law of marketing for every brand is to show how you’re different. Standing out is nothing new. What is new is how companies leverage their differences. As Arby’s Chief Marketing Officer Rob Lynch tells the restaurant chain’s success story of the past year, he acknowledges what made it successful in the first place (premium roast beef) and how that heritage drove the core of Arby’s big difference in the marketplace (nine kinds of meats).

Robert Lynch
Brand President and Chief Marketing Officer Arby's Restaurant Group, Inc.
Cypress Ballroom

The Next Generation of Wireless Services

How does a company that provides the disruptive force for many industries use that force for its own growth strategy? David Christopher will outline how enabling mobile to disrupt every industry takes root at home and how AT&T is investing for growth both in its core wireless business and in new businesses that will transform how we connect to our work and our play.

David Christopher
Chief Marketing Officer AT&T Mobility
Cypress Ballroom
12:15pm CMO Roundtable Luncheon  

The Power of Data-Driven Insights

Marketers have never before had so much access to so much data. Data has great potential to improve marketing and ROI. But the risk of data overload is very real, and confusion abounds on how best to leverage and manage data. This session will provide a deep dive on the power of data-driven insights and cover issues such as developing business-building ideas from data, managing data internally, data protection/ownership, and working with partners for optimizing the use of data.

Suzanne Vranica
Advertising Editor The Wall Street Journal
John Costello
President of Global Marketing and Innovation Dunkin’ Brands, Inc.
Marc de Swaan Arons
Chief Marketing Officer Millward Brown Vermeer
Jerri DeVard
Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer ADT Corp.
Lisa Donohue
Chief Executive Officer Starcom USA
Deborah Wahl
Chief Marketing Officer McDonald’s USA, LLC
Palms Ballroom
Afternoon Networking Coffee Break  

Palms Ballroom Foyer
Golf Tournament in partnership with LPGA

Hawk’s Landing Golf Club
Tennis Tournament

Tennis Courts
2:30pm Afternoon Tea with The Internationalist 1000 and the ANA

Marketers around the World Reshaping the Future of Marketing

Industry leaders who hail from the U.S. and elsewhere are reshaping our understanding of marketing’s expanding role throughout the world with innovative solutions to today’s global brand possibilities. 

Moderator: Deborah Malone
Founder of The Internationalist
Joseph Bihlmier
VP Global Media American Express
Russell Findlay
Head of Marketing Hiscox
Lori Folts
Head of Marketing Communication (Americas DHL Express Americas
Johann Freilinger
Head of Marketing and Communications SAP XM
Lee Nadler
Director/Marketing Communications Manager MINI USA
Alexander Sneen
Global Marketing Director, Finlandia and Chambord Brown-Forman Corporation
Crystal Ballroom (G1-G2)
5:45pm ANA Member Representatives Reception

Open to ANA Member Representatives only

Grand Ballroom (4-6)
6:30pm Reception  

Falls Pool Deck
8:00pm Evening of Passion, Purpose and Performance  

Join Meredith and Westwood One for an Evening of Passion, Purpose and Performance. Featuring performances by both Tony award-winner Jessie Mueller and Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum recording artist Leona Lewis. Event to be followed by a post-reception and silent auction to benefit CARE®.

Palms Ballroom (Sago/Sabal)
10:00pm Post Reception/Silent Auction  

Palms Foyer
Saturday, October 17, 2015
7:30am Breakfast  

Fortune Live at the ANA

Join Time Inc. for breakfast and a live taping of Fortune’s popular weekly video series, Fortune Live, from the ANA. Fortune Senior Writer Beth Kowitt will sit down with Arby’s Chief Marketing Officer Rob Lynch to discuss how the company came to embrace Jon Stewart’s Arby’s jokes on The Daily Show, the brand’s widely buzzed-about decision to purchase R&B singer Pharrell’s infamous hat (the one he wore at the Grammy Awards last year), the company’s latest ad campaign, and some of its biggest marketing challenges in the quick-service restaurant landscape.

Beth Kowitt
Senior Writer Fortune
Robert Lynch
Brand President and Chief Marketing Officer Arby’s Restaurant Group, Inc.
Cypress Ballroom
8:30am General Session

Cypress Ballroom

Creating a Differentiated Brand

Every day, brands step on the field to compete, and winning is more challenging than ever. The game has become so complex — with advanced media choices, growing targeting capabilities, and our ability to measure almost everything — that it takes a lot of effort to keep up. In a competitive category where consumer trust is lacking, Denise Karkos, chief marketing officer at TD Ameritrade, will share her approach to creating a differentiated brand that can win in the marketplace. Through a mix of art and science, she will share her brand’s story of growth, competition, and lessons learned along the way.

Denise Karkos*^
Chief Marketing Officer TD AMERITRADE Holding Corp.
Cypress Ballroom

Insights 2020

This session will preview the preliminary results of “Insights2020: Driving Customer-Centric Growth,” a groundbreaking 2015 initiative of the ANA, Millward Brown Vermeer, the Advertising Research Foundation, Korn Ferry, LinkedIn, and the American Marketing Association. The industrywide learning and growth initiative provides a strategic framework and practical guidelines for aligning the strategy, structure, and capability of insights and analytics to help drive customer-centric growth. Developed for business, marketing, and insights leaders, Insights2020 builds on the findings of the acclaimed Marketing2020 initiative. Harvard Business Review featured those results in its cover story, “The Ultimate Marketing Machine.”

Marc de Swaan Arons
Chief Marketing Officer MB Vermeer
Gayle Fuguitt (@GayleFuguitt)
Chief Executive Officer and President Advertising Research Foundation
Cypress Ballroom

Building Strong Brands Through Digital Technology, Not Digital Advertising

In today’s era of digital Darwinism, it’s not the brands with the biggest advertising budgets that will win over those with smaller ones — it’s the brands that are faster and better at adapting to rapidly changing customers and consumers. Robert Tas will outline a new model for building strong brands based on his experience as the chief marketing officer of Pegasystems as well as his work with clients including American Express, RBS, and Sprint.

Robert Tas*^
Chief Marketing Officer Pegasystems, Inc.
Cypress Ballroom

Building the Carhartt Legacy

It’s been 126 years since the first pair of Carhartt workwear bibs outfitted Michigan railroad engineers, and the family-owned brand continues to be purpose-built for the toughest jobs around the world. Tony Ambroza discusses how the company pursues founder Hamilton Carhartt’s original vision and mission for doing what’s never been done by standing with and celebrating the original doers, makers, creators, and pioneers who tackle life at the rugged corners.

Tony Ambroza*^
Senior Vice President of Marketing Carhartt, Inc.
Cypress Ballroom
11:15am Conference Adjournment

Cancellation Policy and Notes

1. Single ANA member and non-member conference registrations can be cancelled in writing only via email (registration@ana.net). Phone cancellations are not accepted.

2. Unused registrations/applications have no monetary value and cannot be credited to future years or events. ANA will not issue refunds or credits due to failure to redeem a discount coupon during the registration process.

3. A $125 processing fee will be assessed to change the name on a registration.