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Advertising Law and You: How to Win Without Losing

Executive Summary

Advertising law is experiencing rapid change from all industry sectors: businesses feeling the pressure of competition and shrinking budgets, regulators flexing their muscles in new ways, class action counsel attacking at will, and industry innovators reimagining the playfield and the consumer experience — and adding to it all, technology and data-fueled disruption of media, retail, and simple day-to-day commerce. We are all trying to keep pace and avoid stumbling and losing out in the race to succeed. Yet, the important question remains ― how do "you" win without losing? Come with us on a journey of drama, intrigue, and family. Learn about the critical advertising and marketing law developments and our predictions as we look to the future. Watch how others try to succeed and win the game so that you yourself can learn ― how to win without losing.

Ron Urbach
Davis+Gilbert LLP

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