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The B2B Companies Creating Better Energy Efficiency and Sustainability


Reducing energy consumption and promoting more sustainable business practices and production methods are just a few ways companies can fight climate change. While mitigating climate change can feel like a challenge and can't be done quickly by one company or industry, it is important for companies to realize the influence and power they do hold — and make the changes they can.

The latest B2 Awards showcase campaigns that reflected these concerns. Below are some award-winning campaigns that are pushing for a safer environment.

National Grid

Gas and electric company National Grid launched a campaign focused on industry-specific messaging to promote energy efficiency among its commercial clients to reduce cost and consumption. Through research, the company found that there was a "disparity among commercial segments in how they were navigating through the pandemic." In response, the campaign launched its multimedia campaign promoting customer benefits.

Ultimately, the campaign garnered 800,000 visitors to the organization's campaign landing page, an 87 percent increase year over year.


Aerospace company, Embraer, launched a campaign to fight global flight emissions. Since the company wants to achieve net zero by 2050, it shared its goal with the community by presenting its idea, which the ANA case study explained as "a regional aircraft powered by new propulsion technologies and renewable energies."

To promote this initiative, a live event was activated, which used "animations and the world's largest holographic screen, culminating in a spectacular webcast event, broadcast live from studios in São Paulo and London. Each of the Energia aircraft were shown as 3D holograms for impact, which positioned Embraer as a leader in aviation sustainability and by using the latest digital techniques captured the imagination of the aviation industry without having to show physical aircraft."

Forest Stewardship Council

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) launched a campaign to promote environmentally friendly buying processes. The company redesigned its home page to encourage businesses to become FSC-certified. The website was designed to be more interactive with a menu that led to different industries and information. Interestingly, the website also used dark backgrounds to "accentuate key visuals while also saving energy, so the site is both beautiful and more sustainable," as described in the ANA case study.

Ultimately, bounce rates declined 98 percent and visitors spent 49 percent more time on the site.


Twelve, a carbon capture company, created a short film series highlighting how brands can go carbon-free through technology, explaining, more specifically, how its "carbon transformation method could be applied across multiple industries — for example, by creating carbon-free jet fuel and modern car parts using carbon collection," as explained in the ANA case study.

Republic Services

Republic Services sought to promote sustainability and position the brand as an environmental services company that could help other companies take care of their waste.

Paper and Packaging Board

The Paper and Packaging Board created a life-sized model of the Back to the Future DeLorean. Why? As the ANA case study explained, the company wanted to "illustrate its vision for a sustainable future the packaging industry could manifest by participating in its Box to Nature program." The organization used cardboard and designed a recyclable booth people could sit and chat at (which included a VR experience and photo booth as well) — allowing the multisensory campaign to be both informative and fun.

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Joanna Fragopoulos is a director of editorial and content development at ANA.

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