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Group Incentive Travel for Good


For years, companies have used group incentive travel to help motivate and reward top-performing employees or business associates. While these fun-filled escapes provide a way for people to unwind and rejuvenate for a job well done, Massachusetts-based HMI Performance Incentives is transforming the experience by integrating corporate social responsibility activities into its programs. In addition to kicking back for a few days, participants can spend time supporting a local nonprofit organization or a cause that aligns with their own values.

Since 2021, HMI has worked with 24 organizations across 10 countries, raising nearly $90,000 in the process through donated goods and monetary contributions. Equally important, CSR program participants feel excited about the positive impact they made and inspire others to follow suit.

Kate Cardoso, director of strategic services at HMI, and marketing content specialist Nora Finnerty

In this episode of Beyond Profit, a podcast of the ANA Center for Brand Purpose, host Ken Beaulieu catches up with Kate Cardoso, director of strategic services at HMI, and her colleague Nora Finnerty, a marketing content specialist, to learn more about the company's purposeful approach to incentive travel.

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"Group Incentive Travel for Good." Beyond Profit Podcast, 5/22/23.

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