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When Crisis Comms Go Right, with Unilever and Edelman

We're back with another episode in our Masters of Brand Masters series, recorded on site at the 2023 ANA Brand Masters Conference in Bonita Springs, Florida. Today's subject may be a sensitive one for some of our listeners. I'm talking, of course, about the cancellation of the beloved Choco Taco in 2022. Sparked by a cadre of distressed ice cream truck drivers, in a matter of days, parent company Klondike had a full-fledged corporate crisis on its hands. Thankfully, due to quick thinking and help from agency partner Edelman, they were able to turn tragedy into triumph, with an activation that showcased the Klondike brand and allowed them to take back the narrative. Leslie Miller, Vice President of Marketing, Nutrition and Ice Cream at Unilever, and Smita Reddy, U.S. Brand Chair, Global Client Lead at Edelman joined us to tell the story.

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"When Crisis Comms Go Right, with Unilever and Edelman." Marketing Futures Podcast, 6/27/23.

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