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AI Use Case Compendium for Marketing


As the industry moves past the AI hype, marketers are putting artificial intelligence to work across a wide range of use cases, applications, disciplines, and functions. To help you make the most of AI for your marketing programs, we've compiled a compendium of practical use cases and real-world examples.

Whether you're just beginning to identify the best ways to leverage AI, looking to understand what's working for other brands, or ready to take your own marketing AI strategy or tactics to the next level, the ANA's AI Use Case Compendium for Marketing is a resource that we hope you'll find valuable.

Inside you'll find:

  • More than 80 distinct, practical uses for AI for marketing optimization, acceleration, and innovation bucketed into six broad areas of opportunity: Research and Insights, Strategy and Planning, Creative and Production, Presentation and Distribution, Measurement and Optimization, and Knowledge Sharing and Team Productivity...
  • Supported by 47 real world examples that demonstrate exactly how leading brands are already putting AI to work to drive marketer productivity and marketing performance.

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Contribute Your Best Ideas and AI Success Stories

How have you been putting AI to work in your marketing organization? Have we missed any key use cases or inspiring examples?

This Use Case Compendium is a "living document". We'd love to include your ideas, your company's work, and any other examples you've seen in the market. Use the link below and complete the form to suggest an addition and update.



"AI Use Case Compendium for Marketing." ANA, February 2024.