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Best Practices for Marketing on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok

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How do you take advantage of the unique marketing opportunities offered by each of the major social media platforms? Mary Czarnecki, co-founder of MAC Marketing Partners, answers just that question with best practices drawn from her ANA on-demand training course, "Leveraging Social Media for Brand Building."


  • Speak to your audience: Audience quality is more important than size, and being specific about that audience and the corresponding content will drive engagement.
  • Maximize relevancy: Both ads and organic efforts need to be highly relevant when it comes to your copy, imagery, video, and brand voice.
  • Get visual: Visual content is treated more favorably by Facebook and is more likely to be shared than posts that only offer written content.
  • Have a clear call to action: Create clarity for your audience by being specific about what you want them to do after seeing each post.


  • Tell stories visually: Go beyond stock and staged images and provide captivating photos that telegraph your brand image.
  • Maximize Stories and Reels: Use these video-centric opportunities to share breaking news, special offers, and snackable videos with followers.
  • Share user content: Hearing from actual users is strong social proof, so aim to share these real posts from your audience.
  • Optimize the link in your bio: The link in the bio is key! Make the most of this opportunity by having a plan for where you want to send users that aligns with your goals.


  • Capitalize on trends: Capitalize on trending topics and content types to maximize relevancy with your audience.
  • Leverage influencers: Influencers can help brands attract interest, build authority, close generational gaps, and speak about cultural issues.
  • Integrate with other channels: Explore how to connect TikTok content with other channels, but in a new format or with added exclusive content.
  • Entertain to engage: Users seek out content that entertains, inspires, or educates. Tap into these interests when creating content.

The guidance above represents just a morsel from the banquet of insights and best practices available in the ANA on-demand training course, "Leveraging Social Media for Brand Building."



"Leveraging Social Media for Brand Building." Mary Czarnecki, co-founder of MAC Marketing Partners. ANA On-Demand Training Course.

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