Digital Disruption Facts, Figures, and Trends from eMarketer’s Geoff Ramsey

January 10, 2018

Executive Summary

2018 will undoubtedly be another year of big changes wrought by digital disruption – –and the marketing space will most certainly get its fair share. Within the digital media industry, there is a clarion call for "quality" amid persistent issues of viewability, transparency, bots, ad fraud, and measurement and attribution issues. Meanwhile, consumers will continue to fragment their media choices across more devices and platforms, making it harder for marketers to keep up.

In this information-packed, high-energy webinar, eMarketer co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer Geoff Ramsey painted a vivid picture of where marketing is headed in 2018, covering the top 10 trends brands will need to know and understand in order to compete. Among the 10 trends covered:

  • data management and marketing attribution
  • the new milestone where mobile eclipses TV spending
  • the growth and evolving form of native advertising
  • obstacles to reaching digital consumers, including ad blocking, multitasking and viewability
  • how voice-recognition technology will be the "Next Big Thing"
  • the rise and proliferation of AI (artificial intelligence) across every aspect of marketing
    where AR and VR are headed

Geoff Ramsey
Chairman, Co-founder

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