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How Marketers Bolster Their Brand Safety Efforts


Like moths to a flame, brands have started to swirl around the metaverse, an online virtual reality space in which users can interact with each other and their environs. Borne of the gaming universe and programs like Fortnite, the metaverse has been sucking up a lot of the oxygen in marketing circles lately, with  brands and organizations scrambling to join the fray.

Will the metaverse be a game-changer or implode spectacularly? However things shake out, the metaverse adds to an increasingly complex landscape for CMOs and marketers when it comes to brand safety and making sure their ads don't end up adjacent to vituperative content online.

In the latest episode of ANA Champions of Growth, host Matthew Schwartz speaks with Mary Engle, EVP of Policy at BBB National Programs, a nonprofit organization that oversees more than a dozen national industry self-regulation programs, about what the inexorable melding of the digital and physical worlds means for CMOs. She also discusses how brand safety helps to engender consumer trust, why it's critical that CMOs work more closely with their company's legal counsel on cultivating a brand safety strategy, and the growing importance of paying particular attention to engaging with kids and teens.

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