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How Marketers Foster Employee Relations


Josh Ingram, founder and principal of MOST Wanted Co

Marketers ignore employee relations and communications at their own peril, as the rank and file provide the glue to make sure the entire company is on the same page and people are working toward the same goals and objectives.

Josh Ingram, founder and principal of marketing consultancy Most Wanted Co., which specializes in fostering employee communications, says there are several steps marketers can take to create a more unified workplace and establish an esprit de corps through the organization.

Ingram joins host Matthew Schwartz to discuss why it's crucial that employees feel that they can be themselves at work, how employers can tap into their workers' side hustles, and the benefits of both mentoring and reverse-mentoring.

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"How Marketers Foster Employee Relations." Champions of Growth Podcast, 9/13/23.

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