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Five Tips for Multicultural Marketing

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Undertaking multicultural marketing can pose a significant challenge for companies new to such efforts, and especially for smaller companies with fewer resources. By way of introduction, consider the following five tips from the ANA's on-demand training course, "Multicultural Marketing — Making the Budget Work Effectively."

  1. The 2020 U.S. Census revealed that the entirety of the growth in the U.S. population over the previous decade was attributable to growth in so-called minority groups. The multicultural market makes up a substantial and growing portion of the populace, making it worthy of prioritization by marketers. If possible, make multicultural marketing a line item in your budget.
  2. Know what ethnicities over-index for what media types. African Americans, for instance, over-index for the consumption of radio broadcasts.
  3. Advertising on TV can be expensive, especially for small companies, but you can make it more efficient and enhance your ability to reach a multicultural audience by using resources such as Comcast's Effectv, which allows you to target audiences by interests, as well as by geographic factors such as zip code.
  4. Targeting by ethnicity alone will likely be an inadequate approach, as no ethnicity is a monolith. (For example, your Cinco de Mayo-themed beer ad will likely hold little appeal for Cuban Americans in Miami.) When defining your audience, consider other relevant factors such as origin, education, and household income.
  5. Don't neglect the opportunities presented by intersectional minorities, such as non-white members of the LGBTQ+ community, who together boast a buying power in the U.S. of over $5 trillion.

The tips above represent just a morsel from the valuable insights and best practices available through the ANA's on-demand training course, "Multicultural Marketing — Making the Budget Work Effectively."



"Multicultural Marketing — Making the Budget Work Effectively." Nicole Sebree-Henry, owner of and senior marketing consultant at The Marketing Connect, LLC. ANA On-Demand Training Course.

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