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ANA/BMA Business-to-Business @ Bloomberg (Members Only Conference)

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Those who have been in B2B marketing for some time know that marketing has been undervalued or plain neglected in a majority of small and mid-sized companies. In fact, marketing in many quarters was seen as just a pretty face, a cost center responsible for advertising, PR, white papers, trade shows, and other unquantifiable expenses. Marketing was not a revenue generator, and so not particularly powerful.

Finally times have changed! Due to a transformation of B2B marketers and marketing, this function is emerging as the engine of the company, touching all aspects of the B2B business. The stories we will bring to life in this conference will demonstrate how innovative marketers are overcoming the relevance challenge and elevating the importance and impact B2B marketers can make in today’s business environment.

All registrations must be submitted by 3pm on Wednesday March 16, 2016.  Due to security restrictions, absolutely NO late registrations, substitutions, or walk-ins will be allowed. All attendees are required to show photo I.D. in order to gain entry. Please arrive 15 minutes early to check in with security.


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Wednesday, March 23, 2016
8:15am Breakfast

9:00am General Session


Storytelling is an important part of connecting with B2B customers. Content should be connected by a common brand message and developed to be sharable on digital and social channels. BNY Mellon’s Katy Brady will share key insights on how B2B marketers can design a story experience to engage customers with their brands. BNY Mellon is a global investments company dedicated to helping its clients manage and service their financial assets throughout the investment lifecycle. In this session, Katy Brady, Head of Brand and Advertising, will share a case study on how they are telling the BNY Mellon Innovation/Technology story though social media and digital channels.

Katy Brady
Managing Director, Director of Advertising and Brand BNY Mellon


By now most brands realize that creating a balanced mix of quality content is a must. Telling a great story with a blog, infographic or video can cut through the noise far better than traditional online advertising.

But how do you ensure the content reaches its intended audience effectively? While broad distribution is important, building true engagement means getting multiple pieces of content in front of the same person, and in the right order.  Steve will outline how using the right content marketing platform can drive repeat engagement and measurable business outcomes from content.

Steve Sachs
CEO OneSpot
Katie Szumowski
Senior Director of Media Vonage
10:50am Networking Coffee Break

11:10am General Session (cont.)


Most marketers focus on their internal story — why their brand, product, company or service is so great. BuildClean has taken a unique approach. They realized remodeling contractors (their customer base) and the homeowners the contractors serve had to fight airborne remodeling dust while on the job. Airborne dust during remodeling is the number one irritant among homeowners; it gets everywhere. Unmanaged, it can cause respiratory and health issues for humans and pets. It can also damage home electronics and settle on clothes, toothbrushes, furniture, and more. 

By providing their contractor customers with a solution that eliminates this major problem for homeowners, BuildClean changed their marketing focus to doing what was right for their customers’ growth. This shift has helped them move from a company that sells product, to one selling a solution for their customers’ customers — and driving business growth for the contractor. This change has positively affected their bottom line. Learn how this new marketing focus transformation was brought about, and why looking at your business through your customers’ lens can help make marketing a more valuable entity for your company.

Brian Paich
Business Development Manager ITW/BuildClean
Kari Brua
Vice President CBD Marketing
12:00pm Luncheon

1:00pm General Session (cont.)


In a digital world, B2B marketers are well aware of the importance of data in reaching and serving customers and prospects. But some of us find it a chore — or a bore. You know you need to get on top of your customer data, but where to begin?

In this session, we’ll explore what B2B marketers can really be doing to get maximum business value from data about customers and prospects. We’ll look at new data sources, how to keep your data clean and fresh, the top 5 applications of data in B2B, and a lively case study about how a machine tools company applied data to fuel sustainable business growth. And you will learn practical applications such as turning your website into a source of prospecting data, as well as becoming comfortable and energized about taking charge of your customer and prospect information.

Ruth P. Stevens
Author, Business School Professor, Consultant Emarketing Strategy


Today, 74 percent of all worldwide business transactions touch an SAP system. Over the past five years, SAP has made crucial cloud acquisitions to uniquely position the company as the leader of digital business transformation in the global economy. Roger will outline how and why a truly seamless end-to-end solution for digital business requires a seamless end-to-end customer experience. He will demonstrate how a unified brand architecture amplifies the strengths and value of SAP and plays an important part in creating a seamless customer experience.

Roger Baxter
VP, Global Brand SAP America, Inc.
3:00pm Conference Adjournment