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The Business Guide to AI (for CMOs)

The sixth annual ANA Global CMO Growth Summit brought together an unprecedented panel of the world's leading AI companies to address the delegation on Generative AI for marketers.


On any given day, the leaders of these companies are highly competitive. But the Global CMO Growth Council brought Bloomberg Media, Google, Adobe, Meta, Microsoft, and Wharton School of Business together to ensure that Delegates were fully "up to speed" on the state of GenAI. The session addressed what CMOs need to know to make decisions for their 2024 plans.

  • Michelle Lynn, the global head, data science and insights at Bloomberg Media assessed how marketers perceive generative AI through the lens of the Bloomberg Brand Accelerator, a proprietary tool to analyze past performance and future potential of brands.

  • Marie Gulin-Merle, the global VP of ads marketing at Google shared that 80 percent of Google's customers are already using AI-powered Search ads products. Marketers now have a rapidly expanding set of tools with the potential to revolutionize every single part of marketing — from how we mine for insights, brainstorm ideas, and generate content to how we connect with people, drive growth, and measure performance – including: AI Essentials, and the AI for Markers Handbook.

  • Mauricio Ferreira, the general director for Microsoft Business Applications in Latin America revealed how the center of gravity for AI has shifted — and why we are now entering "the era of the copilot." Ferreira also discussed how you and your brand can benefit.

  • Scott Belsky, the chief strategy officer and EVP of design and emerging products at Adobe explained why creativity and personalized digital experiences will change everything and shares his view on "The Five Waves of Change."

  • Nicola Mendelsohn, head of global business group at Meta, believes AI will unlock a new era of creativity for marketers everywhere, saving them time and resources while spurring productivity and performance. Learn more about AI resources from Meta here.

The session was also part of a special series the ANA is developing in partnership with Bloomberg Media called "The Business Guide to AI." Together, leveraging combined expertise and resources, the ANA and Bloomberg Media will create a credible, tangible, and actionable platform for marketing and business leaders to learn, implement, and amplify success-proven ways to integrate AI into their practices.

Coming out of this meeting, we interviewed key executives from Microsoft, Meta, Hyundai, EY, Bloomberg Media, and ANA. Watch this short video for key takeaways that business leaders should keep in mind.

To share more AI-related learnings from business leaders with a wider audience, "The Business Guide to AI" is also launching a video series which will be distributed across Bloomberg Media's owned channels.

For more information on "The Business Guide to AI," visit this page. To speak to someone about "The Business Guide to AI," please contact us at and

Orlando (Nov. 2023)

London (Nov. 2023)


"The Business Guide to AI (for CMOs)." ANA Global CMO Growth Council and Bloomberg Media, November 2023.

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