Cutting Through the Fog of Marketing

Jim Williams, CMO of Uptempo

Jim Williams, CMO of Uptempo, which provides enterprise marketing operations software, says the typical B2B chief marketer should be called the "chief everything officer." He's not kidding. In the last decade or so the scope of marketing has expanded exponentially, as CMOs and marketers are on the hook not only for ad creative but staying abreast of online analytics, market trends, and sustainability, among other areas. Marketers also need to be consummate storytellers, tailoring their message to an ever-growing number of stakeholders. The rub is that it's getting harder to align all these activities with return on investment.

Williams joins host Matthew Schwartz to talk about the most effective ways for B2B marketers to update their operating models and align marketing strategy with execution and return on investment.


"Cutting Through the Fog of Marketing." Champions of Growth Podcast, 6/28/23.

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