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Seeing the “How” in Business Transformation


Dramatic changes in consumer behavior — accelerated by the pandemic — are forcing marketers to craft more innovative ways to make their brands stand out amid the clutter. Allen Adamson, cofounder and managing director of, is a longtime marketing veteran who has worked with such major companies as Bank of America, Sony, and Verizon. In his new book, Seeing the How: Transforming What People Do, Not Buy, To Gain Market Advantage, Adamson says marketers need to do a better job "zooming" out on their audience and take more of a hospitality approach toward customer relations.

Allen Adamson, cofounder of and author of Seeing the How: Transforming What People Do, Not Buy, To Gain Market Advantage

Take household appliance brand Dyson opening pop-up stores in New York City or the auto mechanic shop that sends customers a video from right under the hood showing what's wrong with their car and the most cost-effective way to repair it.

To compete in a post-digital age, marketers must provide their customers and prospects with a little more wow and less status quo. As Adamson puts it, no consumer will ever "share average" with others. Adamson joins host Matthew Schwartz to discuss how brand managers zoom out and other challenges facing marketers to bolster their value and win bigger budgets.

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"Seeing the 'How' In Business Transformation." Champions of Growth Podcast, 11/22/23.

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