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Can B2B Brands Shift to a Full-Funnel Marketing Strategy?

The debate between performance marketing and B2B branding has been heating up lately, particularly against the backdrop of a somewhat schizophrenic economy and growing pressure on B2B marketers to spike their company's top and bottom lines. Despite a constant chorus for B2B players to step up their branding efforts, just two-thirds of 330 B2B companies are either in the nascent or emerging stages of developing brand positioning and brand strategy, according to a November 2021 report on the value of brand building in B2B conducted by Google and Boston Consulting Group.

Doug Novack, managing director, business and industrial markets (B2B) practice at Google

Doug Novack, managing director of U.S. business and industrial markets at Google, argues that the performance marketing versus branding debate is not zero-sum game, and that if a B2B company isn't creating awareness through branding it's unlikely the firm would even be considered and even less likely to win the purchase.

Novack joins host Matthew Schwartz to talk about how B2B organizations step up their branded advertising, why it's incumbent upon B2B companies to pivot to a full-funnel marketing strategy, and the rapidly growing role of generative AI in both branding and lead generation efforts.

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"Can B2B Brands Shift to a Full-Funnel Marketing Strategy?" Champions of Growth Podcast, 11/15/23.

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