Data & Ethics: Privacy Landscape & Privacy Compliance

Starting July 2018, the DMA Division of the ANA began enforcing Data Standards 2.0 updates to its longstanding self-regulatory rules governing ethical marketing practices. In this course, the DMA Division of ANA’s Advocacy and Accountability leaders will walk you through the critical issues pertaining to privacy policy requirements and recommendations, as covered in DMA’s self-regulatory guidelines – and what you need to know in order to remain in compliance.

Instructors will walk you through the requirements of a compliant data privacy policy and how you should be sharing that policy with consumers. Key regulations governing the marketing privacy landscape – as well as a number of examples from across different marketing channels and sectors – are also reviewed

This course is limited to ANA members only.

Learning Experience

This is a narrated PowerPoint slide presentation format course and is partially interactive. It provides real-world practitioner-led learning. Active course participation is limited and includes assessments, minimal or no knowledge checks, activities, or resources/tools.

Who is this Course For?

Junior, middle, and senior marketer levels – all those interested in data and ethics, specifically privacy landscape and privacy compliance.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Overview

    • Why data governance is important
    • DMA Accountability – Provisions and tools
    • Review of the principles in the DMA Guidelines referring to Privacy

Lesson 2: DMA Ethics – Privacy Issues

    • Background – How did we get here?
    • Consumer Opinion
    • Constitutional Rights
    • Federal Statutes and Regulations

Lesson 3: DMA Guidelines for Privacy Policies

    • Placement, clarity and timing of your privacy policy posting
    • Content, scope and collection of your data
    • Data use and sharing
    • Marketing data and digital/connected devices
    • Consumer choice and service providers

Lesson 4: Privacy Policy

    • Tips for creating a privacy notice and the importance of a Chief Privacy Officer
    • Key elements to include in your privacy policy
    • Examples of privacy policies
    • Marketing & Self-regulation resources

Estimated Length of Completion:

Approximately 45 minutes. This timing reflects basic run time, but seat time varies by user and could be significantly longer.

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Senny Boone

General Counsel, SVP, Compliance & Ethics, DMA division of ANA

As the internal General Counsel for the DMA division of the ANA, Ms. Boone leads the organization’s efforts in ethics, compliance and best practices for the data-driven marketing community. She has over 25 years of communications law experience spanning the range of marketing and fundraising issues. She manages Board-level Committees on DMA’s ethical guidelines, the policing of members’ compliance with the guidelines, and reviews best practices with marketing practitioners. She leads educational efforts on topics of interest on corporate & social responsibility, and works with DMA members on marketing and fundraising compliance. Since 2002, Boone leads the DMA’s Nonprofit Federation (DMANF) of nearly 400 nonprofit organizations and fundraisers before Congress, state and federal regulatory bodies to protect charitable speech. Since 2012 she helps oversee the DMA’s Email Experience Council, an organization of responsible email marketing practitioners. Prior to DMA Boone worked on behalf of newspaper publishers on media policy and communications law issues at the National Newspaper Association.

Boone has a Juris Doctor from Catholic University in Washington, D.C. and a B.A. in Journalism cum laude from Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is an adjunct professor on marketing ethics at Georgetown University’s School of Continuing Studies. She is a member of the District of Columbia Bar & New Jersey Bar.

Mrs. Boone was honored as a “Top Woman in Fundraising” by Fundraising Success Magazine in 2006. She resides in Southern Maryland with her husband and daughter. Boone is a classically trained ballet dancer.


Lisa Shosteck

Accountability Managing Consultant, DMA Privacy Shield Program Administrator

Director, Email Experience Council, DMA division of ANA

Lisa is a senior marketing privacy and compliance professional with over 15 years of experience. She works with dedicated volunteers on the DMA’s Committee on Ethical Business Practice Enforcement to educate, mediate and enforce DMA Guidelines. Lisa works to promote ethical business standards by providing learning and networking opportunities in the marketing community; developing industry and consumer compliance and educational tools that comply with applicable federal laws, regulations and Guidelines; and crafting strategic initiatives designed to reinforce consumer confidence in the power of industry to self-regulate effectively.

In addition, she administers the DMA Privacy Shield Program and serves as the Director, for DMA’s email marketing arm -- the Email Experience Council. EEC’s mission is to promote the effective and ethical use of email marketing through thought leadership, education, networking and advocacy. She oversees the EEC Board and Subcommittees that serve under the Board to set and execute priority projects while managing member and sponsor benefits; EEC’s website; event promotions and email communications including the biweekly EEC e-newsletter.