How Marketers Fortify Their "Castle"

Marketers are bombarded by technology designed to make their workflow more efficient, manage relationships, and generate revenue. But the so-called tech stack hasn't brought marketers to the promised land and, if anything, causes CMOs to throw bad money after good.

Sandeep Chennakeshu, COO, Uhnder

Sandeep Chennakeshu, coo of digital-imaging radar company Uhnder, says too many marketers fall into the trap of constantly adding more and more tech tools but failing to ask what they want to do with all the data generated for marketing and ad campaigns? What do they want to accomplish? Chennakeshu. author of "Your Company Is Your Castle: Proven Methods For Building a Resilient Business," says marketers need to be much more selective when it comes to investing in technology and says it's not a matter of piling on the tools but selecting the right ones, augmented by rigorous testing and smart diagnostics.

Chennakeshu joins host Matthew Schwartz to discuss the key questions marketers need to ask to make sure their tech stack provides solid returns, how to build a sticky business model and why it's increasingly important for CMOs and marketers not to miss the "gorilla in the room," or a market disruption that could rattle their company.

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"How Marketers Fortify Their 'Castle.'" Champions of Growth Podcast, 8/2/23.

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