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Bridging the (Expanding) CMO-CEO Divide


Ed See, a partner at McKinsey and Robert Tas, a partner at McKinsey, join host Matthew Schwartz to talk about their recent survey: "The Power of Partnership: How The CEO–CMO Relationship Can Drive Outsize Growth."

The survey tackles the relationship from the CEO's perspective, saying that the onus is growing on chief executive officers to change the remit for CMOs altogether, what with the role continuing to undergo profound changes. Seldom a beacon for corporate synergy, the relationship between CEO and CMOs seems to be getting worse, as upper management ratchets up the pressure on chief marketers to spike the top and bottom lines.

Robert Tas, partner at McKinsey; Ed See, partner at McKinsey

But See and Tas insist that with some fresh thinking — and having the CFO in tow — CEOs can rely on marketers as a main "lever" to drive growth, boost engagement, and bolster customer relations. If CMOs can hit that trifecta, bigger marketing budgets will likely follow, not to mention a different outlook from the C-suite on what marketing can bring to the table.

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