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Future of Retail

To say the world of retail is currently in flux would be an understatement. Brands are challenged to establish an omnichannel brand presence while empowering the consumer to use any platform as a point of sale.

  • Driving Rapid Business Growth with Shops

    Knowledge Partners   October 22, 2021  

    Social Shops are growing rapidly as a new route to market, accelerated by two major forces. Firstly, as the pandemic took hold, e-commerce as a primary shopping channel became the norm (growing by 46 percent) and secondly, social media users grew by 9 percent.

  • Marketers Get Flexible with Payment Options

    B2C   September 27, 2021  

    Brands are accelerating their buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) financing options to appeal to younger consumers looking for more flexible ways to pay for their stuff. At the same time, retailers are trying to increase the appeal of BNPL to older generations used to traditional credit cards.

  • The Creative Commerce Evolution

    Event Recaps   August 18, 2021  

    Jacquelyn Baker of VMYL&R COMMERCE explored the evolution of creative commerce and how marketers need to think beyond the confines of the digital channel alone to deliver on a new set of consumer expectations.

  • Streaming in the Aisles

    B2C   August 13, 2021  

    As the pandemic ebbs and consumers return to physical retail outlets, brands are looking to give consumers the best of both worlds: A better in-store experience combined with conveniences typically found only online. How do brands strike the right balance?

  • Retail Media Networks 101

    ASK Answers   August 2, 2021  

    What is a retail media network? Learn how stores and online retailers benefit from RMNs with the help of other brands advertising directly to shoppers.

  • How to Create Shoppable Moments Everywhere

    Event Recaps   July 20, 2021  

    With consumer shopping habits rapidly changing, marketers must capitalize by building numerous shoppable moments into the buyer journey, ensuring that consumers can purchase with limited friction the moment they feel inspired to do so. In this session, the team at Blue Chip shared some tips.

  • Livestream Shopping Takes Center Screen

    B2C   July 14, 2021  

    A marriage of entertainment and e-commerce, livestream shopping is engaging and fast-gaining in popularity. ANA magazine reached out to Ali Fazal, VP of marketing at influencer marketing platform GRIN, to learn more about how brands can get in on the trend.

  • International Omni-Channel Retail Report 2021

    Knowledge Partners   July 9, 2021  

    In a survey that was fielded the week of January 11th through the week of February 22nd, 2021, YouGov examined the dynamics affecting retail shoppers across numerous global markets, uncovering an array of findings that shed light, for instance, on differences in shopping behaviors by country, age, and gender.

  • The “Pandemic Effect” on the American Shopper

    Knowledge Partners   June 22, 2021  

    COVID-19 and the subsequent governmental responses have affected shopping behavior globally, severely disrupting how people shop, what they buy, and the retail landscape at large. YouGov’s global retail report offers insights into these developments, with a focus on the U.S.

  • Jersey Shore Family Vacation Shoppable Content

    REGGIE Awards   May 21, 2021  

    ViacomCBS launched the first shoppable content experience, enabling commerce to be split between assortments at separate retail locations from a single code on screen.

  • Personalization Strategies in the Age of Creativity

    Event Recaps   May 5, 2021  

    Office Depot's Tom Griffin recently dug into how the company brought its in-store experience directly to customers' email boxes, which in turn drove increased e-commerce sales, developed deeper one-to-one connections, and made the organization’s marketing more relevant and resonant than ever before.

  • Driving Growth by Reinventing Beauty Experiences, Content, and Commerce

    Conference Session Videos   April 20, 2021  

    In this video, L’Oréal shared how it is capitalizing on technology to re-imagine commerce, content, and experiences in the beauty market.

  • Driving Growth by Reinventing Beauty Experiences, Content, and Commerce

    Event Recaps   April 20, 2021  

    L’Oréal shared how it is capitalizing on technology to re-imagine commerce, content, and experiences in the beauty market.

  • The Lockdown Opens Up E-Commerce for B2B Marketers

    B2B   April 14, 2021  

    Call it a feedback loop: Sales reps are under increasing pressure to sell their wares via multiple channels, and B2B marketers need to support these efforts by supplying a steady flow of relevant content for every stage of the buying cycle. At the same time, marketers need to generate revenue regardless of channel, which means steering more and more of their customers to e-commerce platforms.

  • How to Elevate E-Commerce in Your Organization

    Event Recaps   March 18, 2021  

    In this session, Simple Mills discussed how brands can connect with consumers in ways that drive sales and in-store traffic.

  • Brave New Normal: Creative Trends 2021

    Knowledge Partners   March 3, 2021  

    Dentsu examined how a number of developments in technology and consumer behavior are changing the way that marketers and businesses work.

  • Optimizing the Digital Aisle

    Event Recaps   August 28, 2020  

    Kroger shared three tips for brands looking to optimize their e-commerce and digital shopping experiences.

  • Media Spending in an Uncertain Environment

    B2C   August 7, 2020  

    The pandemic will require marketers to master a new set of media buying skills, adopt KPIs that transcend return-on-advertising spending, and move e-commerce toward the center of their marketing strategy.

  • The Future of Social Commerce: How Brands Can (and Should) Adapt Their E-Commerce Strategies

    Webinar Rewinds   July 1, 2020  

    In this webinar, PMG discussed how social platforms are responding to the need to provide seamless shopping experiences, how the landscape of platform buying has evolved, and what brands can and should do now to adapt their e-commerce strategies.

  • E-Commerce Organization

    ASK Answers   June 11, 2020  

    E-commerce isn’t new — and it’s how countless people already buy products because it’s easier, faster, and virtually accessible. People simply don’t need to depend on retail locations anymore. The most successful brands invest millions in e-commerce, from technology to content development optimization and strategies.


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