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A New Framework for Selling Creative Effectiveness


Trying to educate the C-suite on the complexities of modern marketing has become an occupational hazard for CMOs and marketers. The problem is that a lot of folks in the C-suite — and throughout the rest of the company, for that matter — think marketing is easy. Create a snappy jingle, add some crisp copy, make it relatable to the target audience and, voila, there's your marketing remit. But the reality couldn't be further from the truth.

To bridge the gap, marketers need to, well, market themselves more effectively both internally and externally. They need to show how marketing spurs growth, spikes the top and bottom lines, and generates future demand. It's a tall order. But help is on the way.

Ann Marie Kerwin, Americas Editor at WARC

WARC, the marketing research firm, has developed a new white paper titled Building a Culture of Creative Effectiveness. The study provides marketers with a framework for demonstrating their value and establishing a common language and a common set of metrics so they're more in sync with upper management and there's less mystery surrounding the benefits of marketing.

Ann Marie Kerwin, Americas Editor at WARC, joined host Matthew Schwartz during the most recent ANA Master of Marketing conference in Orlando to talk about the study, which features a new model for how to embed marketing's value throughout the organization. Kerwin also provides a mini case study on how Joan Colletta, senior director, global brand leadership team at McDonald's, convinced the C-suite that branding correlates to profitability.

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