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The 4 Ps? Try the 4 Es to Excel at Integrated Marketing

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Once upon a time, marketers believed they had four levers they could pull to induce a consumer to make a purchase: price, promotion, product, and place. However, in a world reshaped by new technologies and new consumer expectations, marketers can't confine themselves to those priorities. In their place, Simon Bradley, in his ANA on-demand training course "Integrated Marketing Planning and Execution," urges marketers to focus on the four Es:

  • Evangelism: Delivering engagement that inspires customers to share and advocate on behalf of the brand
  • Experience: Devoting careful attention to customers' every interaction with the brand, which includes product design, but also extends to customer service, packaging, etc.
  • Exchange: Maximizing the amount of value you provide the consumer at every touchpoint — value that can be measured in time saved, convenience, knowledge imparted, etc., and which isn't confined to the value of the product that the customer buys
  • Every place: Developing experiences that go beyond traditional stores and showrooms and that extend into the digital world and VR

In his course, Bradley goes on to identify eight best practices that integrated marketers can use as they implement the four Es.

  1. To maximize consistency and cut-through, use the same message and imagery everywhere. Some variations may be required at times (e.g., to communicate a specific benefit), but it should all ladder up to the same core message.
  2. Ensure that all touchpoints on the customers' journey deliver on the brand promise.
  3. Ensure that all touchpoints are meaningful to the customers, responding to their needs and goals.
  4. Remember, communication is not sufficient; provide your audience with experiences.
  5. Develop proprietary places where customers can engage with the brand promise through such experiences.
  6. Work to drive earned media through PR and social media at every stage.
  7. Design a "system" that drives the customer toward a transaction without comparison shopping.
  8. Cultivate long-term relationships with customers with CRM and social media.

The guidance above represents just a morsel from the banquet of insights and best practices available in Bradley's on-demand ANA training course, "Integrated Marketing Planning and Execution."



"Integrated Marketing Planning and Execution." Simon Bradley, founder of Simon Bradley Marketing. ANA On-Demand Training Course.

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