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The population and demographic characteristics of consumers are constantly shifting. Marketers realize the necessity of understanding segments they are trying to reach and the behaviors and preferences of the members of those segments. Gen Z is the segment of the population born after 2001, or 2004, depending on whose definition you subscribe to. It is growing in size and importance, representing the future consumer for brands around the world.

  • Marketing to Gen Z

    Ask the Expert Answers   July 19, 2022  

    Who is gen Z? How are brands marketing to this generation?

  • Intergenerational Wealth Transfer Campaign

    B2 Awards   July 16, 2022  

    Vanguard Financial Advisor Services created an integrated, multichannel campaign that provided financial advisors with an ecosystem of relevant content highlighting challenges, opportunities, and potential solutions behind the $68 trillion wealth transfer from baby boomers to their children and grandchildren.

  • Inclusion’s Next Wave

    Knowledge Partners   July 12, 2022  

    Wunderman Thompson Intelligence released a new report exploring emerging trends in inclusion, revealing a powerful role for brands.

  • Personalization Strategies

    Ask the Expert Answers   July 12, 2022  

    How are marketers optimizing their personalization strategies, and how do consumers feel about them?

  • VP of Brand Engagement at Denny’s on TikTok-Inspired Menu

    Industry Insights   July 1, 2022  

    COVID-19 caused a significant category-wide decline in in-store traffic, with consumers spending more time engaging with a brand’s digital presence, ordering delivery, and spending more time on social in general - with TikTok playing a starring role. We needed to generate #FOMO for the brand to drive traffic back in-store once COVID-19 receded. To do so, we worked with 24 up-and-coming TikTok stars to act as hype machines to welcome the world back to Denny’s, co-collaborating on unique menu items and social/digital content to drive urgency among their social communities and re-ignite crave for our food.

  • Connecting to Gen Z Purposefully

    Greater Good   June 20, 2022  

    An environmental activist, social entrepreneur, and artist, 22-year-old Maya Penn has already launched a sustainable fashion brand and a related nonprofit organization, among other noteworthy accomplishments. She shares her perspective on how brands can best weave purpose into their business and speak to the concerns of gen Z.

  • Embracing Gender Fluidity in Advertising Internally & Externally

    Industry Insights   June 2, 2022  

    While many brands are embracing LGBTQ+ inclusivity in their marketing, tackling gender nonconformity authentically can still present a challenge or missed opportunity for some. However, this is a necessity for brands existing in the now and moving into the future gracefully.

  • Engaging Gen Z Through Authentic Messaging

    Knowledge Partners   May 26, 2022  

    Gen Z drives much of the cultural conversation on social media. This audience grew up in a different world as digital native internet users. Gen Z is the most diverse, culturally fluid generation, and they question everything.

  • Meet the Future Majority

    Webinars   May 19, 2022  

    In this webinar, learn about the rising expectations younger multicultural consumers have when it comes to brands and a brand’s role in social justice movements, what is driving brand authenticity, and how can brands can be seen as credible accomplices.

  • Marketing to Generation Alpha, the Newest and Youngest Cohort

    Pulse   January 13, 2022  

    The new kids on the block are generation Alpha, kids born after 2010 to predominantly Millennial parents. Following their gen Z predecessor’s footsteps, they are already heavily immersed within the digital world and were born with screens all around them. The resources here discuss some of the ways CX will evolve in 2022.

  • Jack Daniel's Tennessee Fire Presents Drag Queen Summer Glamp

    Multicultural Excellence Awards   December 30, 2021  

    Jack Daniel’s recruited the help of the Drag community to create a reality series celebrating Pride outdoors.

  • How This Healthcare Company Marketed to Millennials During COVID-19

    In-House Excellence Awards   December 21, 2021  

    Healthcare company Highmark produced and distributed 1.3 million fashionable masks. Over 11,000 schools and businesses received free Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and guidance.

  • LGBTQ+ Marketing Inclusion Report

    Research Reports   December 13, 2021  

    This report from the ANA is an initial look at the state of LGBTQ+ marketing inclusion and representation among client-side marketer members. As the first of its kind from the ANA, the report shows positive overall movement toward greater LGBTQ+ marketing inclusion in the advertising industry.

  • The Importance of Channeling Millennial Diversity

    Forward   December 9, 2021  

    As businesses continue to embrace their digital-first future, marketing executives must integrate millennial marketers in a way they never have, engaging them as key contributors in their marketing discussions. In fact, their business' survival may depend on it.

  • How Hot Pockets Is Reaching Gen Z Consumers Through Gaming

    Event Recaps   December 2, 2021  

    Nestlé USA's Bryan Waddell discussed how Hot Pockets doubled down on its investment in esports and gaming and launched Pockets 4 Bits, a campaign that rewarded gamers with Twitch Bits and ignited the brand's strategy in engaging with the teen and young adult demographics.

  • Current and Future State of LGBTQ+ Marketing

    Event Recaps   October 24, 2021  

    The ANA’s Greg Wright and LGBTQ+ marketing expert Matt Tumminello revealed the results of the ANA LGBTQ+ Marketing Inclusion Survey, which looked at the inclusion of LGBTQ+ in marketing activities, as well as support for the LGBTQ+ community among ANA member companies.

  • Privacy and the Consumer: A Market Research Overview

    Research Reports   October 18, 2021  

    This paper is an informative summary of the most relevant recent global research on consumer sentiment related to privacy and the use of identity. It provides actionable steps for advertisers to consider as they adjust and plan to do business in today’s more privacy-responsible marketplace.

  • Purpose-Driven Gen Z, with Brad Brinegar

    Beyond Profit   September 13, 2021  

    In this episode of Beyond Profit, host Ken Beaulieu catches up with Brad Brinegar to discuss a study on Gen Z and what it means to marketers, the expectations of Gen Zers, how brands can achieve sustained growth through a focus on purpose and values, and more.

  • Reaching Gen Z and Millennials on Yahoo

    CMO Content   September 10, 2021  

    Gen Z not only wants more control over the content they consume, but also wants ads based on their activities and interests. Marketers armed with data and intelligent ad tech can help build personalized experiences.

  • Consumer Perspectives on Online Activity Tracking

    Research Reports   August 12, 2021  

    This 2021 research focused on current consumer perspectives related to online tracking, opt-in vs. opt-out, and the process associated with each of these experiences on iOS given their recent launch of the ATT prompt.


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