Future of B2B

The world of B2B marketing is evolving as the data and technology disrupt the customer journey and allow trends like account-based marketing to flourish.

  • The Metaverse Is No Game for B2B Marketers

    B2B Marketer   July 20, 2022  

    Most B2B brands are taking a wait-and-see approach toward the metaverse, as they first get a firmer hold on other, less complicated digital channels. At the same time, B2B marketers must weigh this caution against the fact that younger people now transitioning into decision-making roles have been conditioned to a digital-first world in which virtual- and augmented-reality experiences are a natural part of their day.

  • Hilton Uses Omni-Channel Campaign and Consistent Messaging to Connect with Its Most Important Clients

    B2 Awards   July 18, 2022  

    With the desire to position event planners — who struggled mightily during the early phases of the pandemic — as the heroes of its industry, Hilton launched its first-ever B2B campaign, an omni-channel effort that celebrated a return to travel and the individuals who made it happen.

  • How Broadridge’s Interactive Experience Assuaged Customer Concerns and Generated Millions in New Business

    B2 Awards   July 18, 2022  

    To show potential customers that its wealth management platform was equipped to solve their most pressing needs for years to come, Broadridge created an interactive web experience that catered to several different customer profiles and the issues most pressing to each of them.

  • Trane Technologies Uses Omni-Channel Campaign to Share New Purpose and Engage Key Audiences

    B2 Awards   July 16, 2022  

    With the goal of raising awareness of itself as the enterprise brand for Trane and ThermoKing, Trane Technologies developed a new brand purpose and produced a campaign to share it that was centered around engaging video creative, which was served to key audiences via a number of different channels.

  • How One B2B Brand Used a 3D Animation to Drive New Product Sales

    B2 Awards   July 12, 2022  

    Trelleborg Marine & Infrastructure, a global leader in polymer solutions, used an interactive 3D animation and a data-rich email and LinkedIn campaign to achieve impressive results in telling prospects about its new DynaMoor product.

  • How Lenovo Used Innovative Personalization to Drive Its Business to New Heights

    B2 Awards   July 9, 2022  

    Using market research to better understand its various customer segments, Lenovo designed a multi-pronged campaign that combined account-based marketing principles with demand generation techniques to engage its customers and prospects more deeply and generate a wealth of new business opportunities.

  • ABM Changes the Game — If You Can Make It Work

    Knowledge Partners   June 17, 2022  

    Account-based marketing — carefully planned, targeted messages and content focused on key accounts — is increasingly where B2B marketers are investing their energy and budgets.

  • The Six Ingredients to Build a Superpowered B2B Customer Experience

    Conference Sessions   May 25, 2022  

    In this video, Matthew Powell from B2B International discussed results of a survey on the B2B customer experience (CX) and offered six new ingredients for how brands can deliver the ultimate B2B CX.

  • Data as Hero in a B2B Campaign

    Event Recaps   May 24, 2022  

    Bloomberg Media and its agency partner Doner outlined the team’s approach to a new, never-before-attempted brand campaign which used rich data insights to inform messaging that aimed to create deeper emotional connections with readers, old and new, by putting their interests and desires at the center of the communications.

  • The Future of Marketing: A Roadmap to Hypergrowth

    Marketing Futures   May 18, 2022  

    Marketing Futures conducted a primary research study that explored how marketers plan to leverage emerging trends and innovative marketing tactics in 2022 and beyond. Analysis of this study’s data revealed two very different groups of marketers heading in divergent directions: the “laggards” and “hypergrowth” marketers.

  • The Growing Innovation Gap Is Costing B2B Brands

    B2B Marketer   May 18, 2022  

    There is a serious gap between perception and reality when it comes to B2B marketing innovation, a recent study finds, with many marketers believing they are more competent marketing innovators than the evidence shows.

  • 2022 Digital Marketing Trends

    Knowledge Partners   May 2, 2022  

    Whether you’re forging ahead on your marketing plans or looking for the right way to pivot, it’s important to remain agile in our dynamic digital world. In this comprehensive ebook, marketers looking to innovate and set themselves apart will find B2B and B2C recommendations to help them stay ahead of the curve.

  • Elevating Your ABX Strategy

    Conference Sessions   April 26, 2022  

    In this video, Merkle B2B's Sarah Doughty shared some insights into what exactly account-based experience (ABX) is, how it works, and some insights and action steps marketers can take to begin implementing such a strategy at their own organizations.

  • B2B Content Marketing Trends to Watch in 2022

    Event Recaps   January 21, 2022  

    Ruth Stevens of eMarketing Strategy contended that B2B content marketing strategies need to adapt in response to changes in buyers, their businesses, and the environment, and she went on to provide examples of 10 developments necessitating such an adaptation.

  • Setting a New Stage for B2B Buyers

    B2B Marketer   January 12, 2022  

    Improving the customer experience (CX) is a major priority for B2B marketers, according to a recent Forrester study, as companies look for new and creative ways to deliver their content across the purchasing landscape. Having comprehensive measurement programs may be half the battle.

  • How Deloitte Used Augmented Reality to Increase the Value of Its U.S. Open Sponsorship During the Pandemic

    Smarties Awards   December 28, 2021  

    With pandemic lockdowns threatening the value of Deloitte’s United States Golf Association sponsorship, the company turned to augmented reality, creating an app that allowed viewers to personalize their U.S. Open viewing experience.

  • Edit to Amplify

    Event Recaps   December 3, 2021  

    IBM's Stephen Hunton shared how his brand used its glut of content communication as an opportunity to transform its efforts by building a centralized operational model that aligned with the brand’s mission and used five strategic principles to begin creating and sharing content experiences.

  • No Looking Back

    Forward   November 9, 2021  

    There is no crystal ball to determine what’s next for small- and medium-sized businesses, but these five observations of the current landscape may help B2B marketers divine where things are going next.

  • Behind the Campaign: Using AI To Fix Content Marketing’s ROI Problem

    Marketing Futures   November 1, 2021  

    How did a Fortune 500 financial institution move beyond clicks and drive engagement of their owned content? By leveraging the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to understand what content was resonating with their consumers and serving it up at the perfect time.

  • Designing the Engine of Repeatable Innovation

    Forward   October 28, 2021  

    Building a successful innovation engine has many rewards, from operating efficiency to greater ROI, higher NPS ratings, increased sales, and stronger brand loyalty — but it takes the right process and talent.


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