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Statement from Privacy for America Advisor Stu Ingis

November 18, 2019

By Stu Ingis

Americans Want and Deserve Broader and Stronger Protections for Their Sensitive Data

The response to this week’s revelations that Google is gathering health data on millions of Americans shows just how fiercely Americans want their medical and other sensitive information to be closely guarded. Our nation’s current approach protects such information only in certain sectors and certain states. We’re pushing for a comprehensive approach to privacy legislation that would set clear rules about how companies can collect and use data, including by requiring companies to obtain a consumer’s express consent before collecting or using health data and other classes of sensitive information. The new law would also impose restrictions on the use of sensitive data for advertising and provide consumers with choices regard the use and transfer of personal information for advertising purposes. We believe Americans’ personal information — especially their most sensitive data — deserves protections that are far broader and stronger than exist today. And we believe that Congress needs to act expeditiously to consider and pass comprehensive legislation that would deliver those consumer protections.

This statement was originally shared on the Privacy for America website.

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