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How the OLLY Brand is Adapting With Certainty in an Uncertain World

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This session will describe the challenges that the OLLY brand faces as it pioneers the placement of beautiful and effective products in the highly competitive vitamin and supplements category. Some brands are in start-up mode and others are well established. OLLY is beyond the first and on the way to the second. The OLLY team combines the flexibility and attitude of a start-up with the scale of a big brand. It demands the same kind of flexibility from its analytics.

We will focus on three areas where this willingness for analytics to adapt is needed:

1. Forecasting a growing brand: how much of the brand's growth is organic and where and how does can media generate incremental volume? This is not steady-state CPG forecasting.
2. Optimization of media: how do we handle the fluctuation both in budgets and in media costs – especially in the current inflationary environment. What is the right goal for optimization for a rapidly growing brand? When do we sacrifice ROAS (efficiency) for growth?
3. Unpredictable media: for a young brand, media spend may jump 2X or 3X from one period to another. How do we optimize media when the brand moves into spending territory it has never seen before?


1.      Adapting your forecasting method for the stage your brand is in

2.      Some strategies for constantly adapting to fluctuating budgets and media costs

3.      How to optimize media at a spending scale you have no history or precedent for

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Start: Wednesday, April 24, 2024 at 3:00pm

End: Wednesday, April 24, 2024 at 4:00pm



John Nicholson, PhD, Chief Technology Officer, In4mation Insights

Sara Ellefson, Marketing Analytics Manager, OLLY