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ANA’s 2019 Influencer Marketing Guide and Playbook

April 10, 2019

By Leah Marshall


In 2018, the second-most requested topic by ANA members was influencer marketing, and according to a recent ANA study with PQ Media, influencer marketing is projected to be at least a $101 billion industry by 2020. Influencer marketing has become a critical channel for marketers, yet it operates within a complex, rapidly-evolving ecosystem with rising levels of fraud. The ANA's Influencer Marketing Guide is a trusted source for everything you need to understand influencer marketing, from brand case studies featuring Olay and AT&T, to expert perspectives on hot button issues like brand safety, to in-depth interviews with FTC leaders, fraud specialists, leading influencers, and the latest on FTC compliance and disclosure guidelines.

We recommend first starting with ANA's Influencer Marketing Guide, then moving on to the Influencer Marketing Playbook, which offers a step-by-step roadmap and toolkit for building out a comprehensive influencer marketing program. The Toolkit includes 15 pre-formatted, downloadable Word and Excel templates for influencer marketing planning, execution, and campaign measurement.

If you're looking for more on the latest Influencer Marketing events, content, and leadership opportunities from the ANA, visit our influencer marketing portal.

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