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ANA Futures UNLOCKED Summit: AI & the Customer Journey

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In partnership with I.A. Labs

ANA Futures UNLOCKED Summit
December 3, 2020 | Virtual event
11am-2pm Eastern

The inaugural ANA Futures UNLOCKED Summit will showcase how AI has transformed the marketing function, particularly along the customer journey. In addition to driving efficiencies that save businesses millions, AI is helping brands understand customers better than ever before and deliver hyper-relevant content and offers that drives sales, and ultimately business growth.

The overall objective of the program is to promote knowledge, spark discussion, and introduce marketers to a diverse range of options as they explore the AI space in the areas of:

  • Facial Recognition
  • Emotional AI
  • Predictive Personalization
  • AI Enabled Analytics


Thursday, December 3, 2020
- 11:10am


Welcome the ANA Unlocked Summit 2020: AI & the Customer Journey. Be prepared to be inspired as we take an artificial intelligence journey toward unlocking your customer's brand affinity.

Kathleen Hunter
Executive Vice President, Marketing Futures ANA
Michael Berberich
Senior Director, Marketing Futures ANA
- 11:20am

Mindful Moment: Meditation

AI can be a daunting experience, so let's all center our minds to allow a peaceful ingesting of the ANA Unlocked Summit 2020 journey. We welcome you to join us in a mindful moment of meditation -- consider it your "mindset reset" for the day.

Melissa Felsenstein
Founder Inner Sounds Meditation
- 11:45am

Huddle: How Facial Recognition AI will Shape the Customer Journey

Like many aspects of AI, facial recognition software is already part of our lives, from security cameras to smartphones. Attendees will see a video case study leveraging this breakthrough technology, and then participate in a moderated deep dive "huddle" with:

  • fielddrive - The use of facial recognition technology is growing due to the intangible benefits it delivers, whatever the context: convenience, security, and speed. Consent is, however, the key enabler: the emotional connection and engagement driven by consent is what drives its wider adoption and global use. In this short overview, Pascal Lagadec of fielddrive will provide concrete examples of how the technology delivers value, derived from its use in the events industry.

Pascal Lagadec
Vice President, Sales & Business Development fielddrive
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- 12:00pm

Keynote: Integrating AI Into Your Brand

Dr. Katia Walsh of Levi's is an expert at launching, leading, and scaling digital products and capabilities, customer-centric transformations, and digital accelerations; combining Digital technologies, Data, and AI (Machine Learning and Automation) to enhance customer experience, drive efficiencies, create differentiation, and make a positive impact. In this session she shares the challenges and advantages of integrating AI throughout an organization.

Dr. Katia Walsh
Chief Strategy & AI Officer Levi Strauss & Co.
- 12:25pm

Huddle: Emotional AI

Nearly 50 percent of sales are attributable to campaign creative, yet few creative assets are pre-tested for their ability to perform in market. The problem is getting worse as advertisers dial up volume and diversity of creative to meet the demands of digital platforms and personalization. Attendees will see a video case study leveraging this breakthrough technology, and then participate in a moderated deep dive "huddle" with:

  • RealEyes - All the world's advanced audience targeting, viewability optimization and fraud prevention are worthless if advertising creative fails to earn attention and drive emotional response. Targeting has peaked, and now it is time for advertisers to turn their attention and investment to managing their most important performance lever like a financial portfolio. In this session, Max Kalehoff from Realeyes will share innovative solutions using emotion AI and computer vision to quantify and manage creative performance at global scale.

Max Kalehoff
Vice President, Marketing & Growth RealEyes
- 12:40pm

Keynote: Debias Data & AI to Boost ROI

Did you know that women account for over 80 percent of high-ticket item purchases in their households like cars (a $9 trillion market by 2030), electronics (over $1.5 trillion by 2026) and financial products ($2.7 trillion by 2022)? Or that African Americans account for $1.4 trillion of consumer spending in the U.S. whilst Hispanic consumers spend $1.7 trillion? And what about the $3.6 trillion global buying power of the LGBT communities?

Yet marketers and advertisers are not yet serving consumers accurately because of legacy data and algorithmic biases that's failing to lens consumers coherently. In this session, Twain Liu will provide three simple tips for how to design and workflow data and AI across your organization to debias the AI and boost marketing ROI.

Dr. Twain Liu
Scientist & heARTIST
- 1:00pm

Huddle: Predictive Personalization

Predictive personalization, also referred to as machine-learning personalization, is the effort and ability to predict the actions of users, based on their previous behaviors online. Users are identified at a granular level, and a more personalized website experience is created for them. It puts more focus on displaying content and messages to users based on their intent, rather than just on the readily available information about their interests and previous behavior. Attendees will see a video case study leveraging this breakthrough technology, and then participate in a moderated deep dive "huddle" with:

  • automat - In a recent survey, 75 percent of customers polled said they were more likely to buy based on personalized recommendations and 49 percent of consumers said that, after receiving a personalized recommendation, they purchased a product that they did not initially intend to buy. Everyone knows personalization is critical to e-commerce success, but we all feel that personalization is an underwhelming, or even invisible experience and as a result delivers only mediocre sales results. In this talk, Andy Mauro, co-founder and CEO of automat, will share how you can ask the right questions to learn about your customer's needs and help them find the products they want to buy now and in the future.

Andy Mauro
Co-founder and CEO automat
- 1:10pm

Music Break with D-Nice

Join us in the lounge as we decompress and enjoy a short music set with DJ D-Nice, the COVID-19 pandemic quarantine music guru. Derrick "D-Nice" Jones is a talented musician and photographer who uses his dual passions to share his love for music, art, and creative culture.

CEO BrandNice
- 1:35pm

Huddle: AI-Enabled Analytics

With trillions of points of data being generated every few hours, AI presents a much-needed solution for marketers looking to identify, validate, analyze, and act on data in a fraction of a second. Attendees will see a video case study leveraging this breakthrough technology, and then participate in a moderated deep dive "huddle" with:

  • Concured - Never before has it been easier to put your message in front of an audience, but it's never been harder to make it resonate. An important part of the future of marketing is less about interrupting potential customers during their day with traditional advertising. Instead, it's about being a useful resource for customers that helps to solve their challenges by really understanding them and providing great thought leadership and marketing content that truly helps, inspires, and delivers value. In this session, Tom Salvat, Concured Founder & CEO, will provide answers to some of the most common marketing challenges for global teams and explain how AI can save on manual hours, cut through the noise, and boost marketing ROI across your organization.

Tom Salvat
Founder & CEO Concured
- 2:00pm

Keynote: Possibility-Based Marketing

Dr. Joseph Riggio is an expert in cognitive and neuroscience, and an executive trainer and consultant for 30 years. In this session, he will break down "carrot" vs. "stick" motivation, and why "FOMO" (fear of missing out) might be every marketer's favorite buzzword, but is a terrible way to base your long-term strategy. Instead, Dr. Riggio recommends "Possibility-Based Marketing," which leverages joyful emotions and consumer aspirations to influence purchase decisions. Finally, he shares why the "Hero's Journey" – the narrative structure of myths dating back centuries—is the key to driving meaningful, lasting brand loyalty.

Dr. Joseph Riggio
Founder and President ABIT
- 3:00pm

Marketing Futures Committee Roundtable

ANA Marketing Futures would like to invite Committee Members to join us for a fireside conversation with Dr. Joseph Riggio as we explore other sides of the AI continuum.

Dr. Joseph Riggio
Founder and President ABIT

Cancellation Policy and Notes

No refunds will be granted for any cancellations or for 'no shows.' Unused registrations/applications have no monetary value and cannot be credited to future years or events. ANA will not issue refunds or credits due to failure to redeem a discount coupon during the registration process. You may transfer your registration to a colleague at no additional cost.