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Improve Your Content Performance on Social Media

April 4, 2019

By Amanda Sparks

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We live in a world where visibility is everything. With plenty of channels which help brands promote their products and services, it becomes challenging for businesses to keep their audiences engaged and always connected. Therefore, marketers focus a lot on content, and they apply various strategies to improve their content performance. On the other hand, social media play also a decisive role in a brand's success. So, apart from creating and sharing content, you should also focus on developing strategies which can improve your performance on social media and make your audience wait anxiously for your next posts. If you still don't know how to do it, read on.


Stay Relevant

The head of the content department at Resumes Expert says that "the best strategy a brand could have to improve content performance on social media is staying relevant for its target audience. People are too busy nowadays to be attracted by information without substance. They need clear data to stay engaged and they are extremely exigent."

Therefore, when a brand wants to stay relevant and gain the trust of its followers, it should come with clear and actual data on the topic. This will show the target audience that you are a professional in the field and you work to stay updated with the latest news in your niche.


Count on Keywords

Your social media content might be relevant, but it will worth nothing if it isn't visible. Thus, when you want to improve your content's performance, you should also search for connected keywords which will bring you increased visibility. So, before posting a new piece of information, you should also look for relevant keywords and include them naturally in your content.

It will become easier for you to find relevant keywords if you know very well who your target audience is. Find as much information as possible about them and define a buyer persona. Based on the persona's major interests, you will be able to choose the right keywords for your niche. On the other hand, you can also use tools to help you find the keywords easier. For example, you can try Flash Essay or SEMrush to create a comprehensive list of keywords.


Define Your Brand's Voice

"When you decide to build your social media presence, you need to offer a consistent message on all channels. Even though each social media platform is different, your marketing strategy should be the same on all of them. For example, if you want to be fun and witty, you should keep the same tone even if you are posting on Facebook or Twitter," says Veronica Wright, CEO at Resumes Centre.

The exercise of defining the brand's voice helps you identify your brand's personality and establish how you will carry out the message on all social media channels. When you define your brand's voice, the first step to follow is collecting all the content you display on different channels and comparing it with your competitors'. Identify which are the unique elements that set you apart from your competitors and use those to create your brand's voice.


Value Proposition

When you want to achieve your business goals and improve your content's performance on social media, you should create value propositions and messages that help your audience. You should understand how your customers will benefit from your messaging. Does your customer want a monetary benefit or an emotional one?

Depending on the answer you are giving to this question it will become easier to develop your social media content strategy and find the right tools to improve its performance. You can also create a list with the most common needs your target audience has and define your value proposition around solving those needs. Once you know what your audience wants from you, creating engaging content on social media will no longer be a challenge.


Relevance Is Key

Everyone can create content and distribute it on social media. However, not everyone can be a successful content strategist and create engaging messages for his customers. The key to improving your content performance on social media is relevance. You will need it to make your followers trust your brand and build loyalty.


Amanda Sparks is a digital marketing specialist and blogger.

The views and opinions expressed in Marketing Maestros are solely those of the contributor and do not necessarily reflect the official position of the ANA or imply endorsement from the ANA.

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