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DOOH Is On the Rise, Cookies Are Crumbling, and More

February 24, 2021

By Andrew Eitelbach

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Let’s start with what I’d guess is probably an old joke in out-of-home (OOH) circles: How did the OOH marketer respond when asked how his campaign is going? “Things are looking up!”

It’s funny because it’s true. Spending on digital OOH will grow 19.2 percent this year, ANA magazine reports. The growth is due in part to advances in technology for tracking the channel’s effectiveness and a rise in the number of brands who are looking to experiment with new, affordable channels amid the pandemic.

As consumers reemerge post-pandemic, DOOH tech improves, and display formats standardize, the growth potential for outdoor advertising seems to be written on the wall.

Read “A Bright Outlook for Digital Out-of-Home Advertising,” from ANA magazine.

More January highlights from ANA magazine:

  • Brands Step Up Their Sustainability Efforts. “In the past few years, there’s really been an awakening,” Shaina Kaye, senior content strategist at marketing and advertising agency KSV, tells ANA magazine. “[Consumers] want to know that the brands they support are not only sustainable, but actually show the ways they are sustainable,” she says. With perspective from marketers at Allbirds, Burger King, Danone, and P&G, this story examines the ways in which brands are going green — and how they are communicating that to consumers. This story contains cow farts.
  • Embracing the New Reality by Focusing on the Familiar. The pandemic-induced digitalization of the B2B sector has left more than a few companies scrambling to adapt. But some of what will help them accelerate out of the pandemic are things B2B marketers have been focused on for a while now. Namely, building customer loyalty, incorporating artificial intelligence into marketing operations, and putting money where its most effective (even if that’s not entirely measurable).
  • What’s in Store for Marketers Once Cookies Bite the Dust? The internet is changing, and the marketing industry is mobilizing to adapt. As third-party cookies fade away, new, privacy-centric solutions for improved cross-channel marketing are being developed, ANA magazine reports. “Marketers are using this as an opportunity to rip things up and really rethink measurement, making sure they come out the other side with a much more enterprise-grade approach,” says Joe Zawadzki, CEO and founder of MediaMath.
  • Showing the Love for Small Businesses. “I think there is something artistic and magical about being an entrepreneur and small-business owner,” Michael Mitchell, director of brand marketing at Mailchimp, tells ANA magazine. That’s why Mailchimp’s latest campaign uses animation to celebrate small businesses. In this Q&A, Mitchell explains the company’s new campaign, the doors animation can open in B2B marketing, and more.

Also, be sure to catch up on the latest partner contribution to ANA magazine from Inmar Intelligence: “The Opportunity for Influencer Marketing within Retail Media Networks.”

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